Heads are spinning after Kamala Harris’ undercover tie to Hillary Clinton is exposed

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Clinton is one of the worst politicians of all-time. But her policies are still influencing the Democrat Party to this day.

And heads are spinning after Kamala Harris’ undercover tie to Hillary Clinton is exposed.

With the 2024 presidential election approaching, Vice President Harris and her campaign are gearing up to try and win a second term.

That means Harris must surround herself with campaign staff who she believes will help her and President Biden find success next November.

But unfortunately for the American people, Harris has decided to seek help from a radical-Leftist and former lead campaign staffer of Hillary Clinton’s.

Brian Fallon, who once served as the national press secretary for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, is now working as the lead communications staffer for Kamala Harris.

Before jumping aboard Harris’ campaign, Fallon led a judicial advocacy group called Demand Justice, that supported packing the Supreme Court as well as supporting the defund the police movement.

“Brian brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge on the issues that matter most to the American people,” the vice president’s campaign chief of staff, Sheila Nix said to the Washington Post.

“We’re thrilled to have him join the team, and know he will be a huge asset to reelecting President Biden and Vice President Harris.”

In addition to being influenced from the radical-Leftist ideas of Hillary Clinton, Fallon has also learned from other members of the Left, like activist Elie Mystal who has expressed his desire for the Supreme Court to be expanded to 19 total justices.

Mystal has also reportedly called the Constitution “trash.”

Those insane ideas hasn’t phased Fallon, who once called Mystal “one of the leading voices calling for ideas like reforming the Supreme Court.”

And in addition to his support of packing the Supreme Court, Fallon hasn’t been shy in calling for the police to be defunded.

In a post on Twitter (now known as X) in 2020, Fallon simply wrote, “Defund the police.”

Joe Biden’s campaign did not offer a response to Fox News Digital’s comment request after the news of Fallon working with Harris broke.

It is concerning, especially for Republicans, that someone as radical as Fallon who also has ties to Hillary Clinton is being asked to have a major role with Vice President Harris’ campaign.

But some level of comfort should reside over the GOP as Fallon’s efforts to help Clinton win the 2016 election, ended in failure.

Hopefully the same result occurs in November of 2024.

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