Hillary Clinton got put on blast on live TV in the most incredible way

hillary clinton

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a disgrace in the eyes of many. But she refuses to go away.

And now Hillary Clinton got put on blast on live TV in the best way possible.

When MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart falsely claimed that failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not have any confidential documents on her server, he was immediately corrected live on air.

After making a ridiculous argument while attempting to defend Clinton’s private server controversy, Capehart was called out on it during an interview on PBS NewsHour.

He claimed that the situation for former President Trump is much more dire because he kept secret documents while Clinton “did not.” The leftist host claimed that most of Clinton’s email correspondence consisted of meal plans and calendar reminders.

Capehart argued that Trump was being singled out for special treatment because he was in possession of sensitive information concerning nuclear weapons and the state of readiness of the United States’ allies.

“And what we’re discovering now is that he has done all of the things he has accused Hillary Clinton of doing, actually done.”

Capehart claimed that the controversy surrounding Clinton and Trump are completely different.

“She nothing to do with nuclear secrets and secrets about our allies. And you just can’t — there’s no parallel. There is no symmetry. There is no similarity at all,” the argument continued.

Gary Abernathy, a guest on the show and a columnist for the Washington Post, quickly corrected the liberal presenter.

“Actually, Director Comey pointed out that a lot of her things that they found on her server were classified and probably were accessed by foreign agents. I mean, this is something they said probably happened.”

“So, we don’t know if they were nuclear secrets. Of course, we don’t know about all of the ones that were deleted before anyone ever got to see them,” Abernathy pointed out.

Clinton made multiple false assertions, and “more than 2,000 of the 30,490 emails she had were classified,” as former FBI Director James Comey has acknowledged. No criminal charges were brought against Clinton, though.

This just gets to the heart of the problem America is facing in trying to go after former President Donald Trump.

We know for a fact that Hillary Clinton deleted emails that belonged to the federal government from her server, seemingly in an attempt to get away with crimes.

And yet there was no formal prosecution to determine whether she should have been considered innocent and let off the hook or found guilty and face the consequences.

Why is that the case? Because she has the Washington, D.C. political ilk on her side whereas Donald Trump does not.

It was evident from the beginning that Donald Trump was not going to be liked by the Washington, D.C. political class who viewed him as a disruptor more than anything.

So of course they are going to go after Donald Trump with the force of a thousand suns because he threatens their political class.

Hillary Clinton wanted to keep the status quo going, on the other hand. So the corrupt DOJ and FBI made sure she got off the hook.

But to claim that she did “nothing” that she was accused of is outright bulls…

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