Jaws dropped after this GOP senator announced their candidacy

Sen. John Cornyn

Elections are dominating the news cycle right now. But this Republican decided they wanted to be at the top of those headlines.

And jaws dropped after this GOP senator announced their candidacy.

The U.S. Senate was in a state of shock after Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced last week that he plans on stepping down from his role as leader in November.

That decision of course has led to speculation over who will replace McConnell.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) hasn’t been shy about the fact that he thinks the replacement should be himself.

“I think today is about Mitch McConnell, but I’ve made no secret of my intentions,” Cornyn said the day of McConnell’s retirement announcement.

But less than a day later, Cornyn came out to say that he is indeed running as a candidate to replace McConnell as minority leader.

In a statement he released announcing his candidacy, Sen. Cornyn explained how “the Senate is broken” but “the good news is that it can be fixed, and I intend to play a major role in fixing it.”

He further detailed his plans to improve things in the Senate by saying, “We will improve communication, increase transparency, and ensure inclusion of every Member’s expertise and option.”

“We will restore the important role of Senate committees and reestablish the regular appropriations process, rather than lurch from one crisis to another.”

“And we will return power back to our members; there will be no more backroom deals or forced votes on bills without adequate time for review, debate, and amendment.”

The response to Cornyn’s announcement of his candidacy has not been good at all.

Some on social media have deemed him as a “RINO” or “worse than McConnell.”

“Cornyn would be the worst possible pick. He’s been eyeing ways to get an Amnesty passed for years. He’s the reason Juneteenth is a federal holiday. He’s also more anti-Trump than the other possibilities. He would be worse than McConnell,” conservative journalist Scott Greer said on X.

“John Cornyn has waved the white flag on election integrity, border security, protecting the 2nd amendment, and everything else constitutional conservatives care about. Do you think he’s conservative enough to lead Republicans in the Senate?” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in an X post of his own.

The last thing Republicans need as a leader in the Senate is another RINO like Mitch McConnell.

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