Jill Biden took over for the President for these critical meetings

Jill Biden

Everyone knows Joe Biden’s health is a growing problem. Even Jill Biden is having to step in for Joe.

Because Jill Biden has taken over for President for these huge meetings he has coming up.

During the 2020 election, Joe Biden was heavily criticized for being effectively absent on the campaign trail for the most important office in the entire United States.

The COVID-19 pandemic panic was in full swing, sure, but Americans were wary of the fact that Biden was spending his time in a basement while he was trying to make his case for President against Donald Trump.

Now years later, Joe Biden is going to be 81 years old this year and almost 82 when Americans go to the ballot box in November 2024.

Democrats know this is a problem. Joe Biden simply doesn’t have the capacity to go out on the campaign trail for himself all while he fulfills his duties that come with running the Oval Office.

So they are deploying his own wife to do his job for him at some upcoming campaign stops in Blue states.

First Lady Jill Biden will be the headliner for major campaign events for Biden in states like New York and California this summer.

Three of the stops include in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles for fundraising for the Biden re-election effort.

According to Fox News:

Most of her time will be spent at four political events, including two in California’s Bay Area, to help her husband’s re-election, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state party committees.

At the First Lady’s last major event, Jill Biden was met with crickets as she quickly became the brunt of jokes on Twitter.

“I’ve visited red states and blue states, and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions,” Jill said at an event late last month.

She then said to the audience “I thought you might clap for that” in a moment that felt a lot like when Jeb Bush literally told his audience to clap for him during his hilariously bad 2016 campaign.

According to reports, the Joe Biden campaign believe that Jill Biden is secretly a major component of the incumbent President’s success.

“As she has been for all her husband’s presidential campaigns, she will continue to be a formidable presence on the stump,” a top campaign advisor for the Biden administration shared with the media.

“Her warmth and approachability, combined with her 30-plus years as a classroom teacher, make her an effective messenger on the campaign trail,” the campaign official added.

The Biden campaign official’s belief in Jill Biden’s likeability might be overstated, however.

Melania Trump’s approval ratings weren’t exactly stellar when she left office, but multiple polls show that Jill Biden is even less well-approved than the former Trump First Lady.

Simply put, the Biden campaign doesn’t have a lot going for it. They have a candidate who would be 82 at the point of the second inauguration in January 2025 as well as approval ratings that are simply down the tubes.

It’s hard to see them being successful against Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis in any sense.

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