Joe Biden caught giving a sickening gift to China

Xi and Joe

Communist China has been expanding their influence for decades. Now they have President Biden on their side.

And Joe Biden was caught giving a sickening gift to China.

The Chinese Communist Party has been funneling billions into foreign governments and corporations.

They’ve also been pushing back against the American hegemony on the world stage.

Instead of confronting it head on, the Biden administration is tucking tail and running away.

After meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized that the US does not back Taiwan’s independence.

Blinken was in Beijing to improve US-China relations, which had grown strained in recent years due to a variety of concerns, including Taiwan.

“We do not support Taiwan independence,” Blinken said at a press conference after his meeting with the Chinese president in Beijing. “We remain opposed to any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side.”

For around 35 minutes, the Secretary of State met with President Xi in the Great Hall of the People on the west side of Tiananmen Square.

Blinken stated that the “longstanding” US policy of one China “has not changed.”

China believes there is “one China,” which includes Taiwan as a Chinese territory, and has discussed forcibly annexing Taiwan, while Taiwan has informal diplomatic relations with the United States.

Blinken added that the United States remains committed to its obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act, which include “making sure Taiwan has the ability to defend itself.”

During the meeting, Blinken stated that he expressed US worries about China’s “provocative actions” in the waters surrounding Taiwan.

“We and many others have deep concerns about some of the provocative actions that China has taken in recent years going back to 2016,” Blinken said. “And the reason that this is a concern for so many countries, not just the United States, is that were there to be a crisis over Taiwan, the likelihood is that could produce an economic crisis that could affect quite literally the entire world.”

Blinken cited the significant volume of commercial container traffic that passes across the Taiwan Strait on a daily basis, as well as the high percentage of semiconductors manufactured in Taiwan.

“If as a result of a crisis that was taken offline, it would have dramatic consequences for virtually every country around the world,” Blinken said.

“We continue to expect the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait differences,” Blinken said.

President Xi allegedly said, “This is very good,” alluding to the progress made during the meeting.

Very good, indeed, for the Chinese.

An emasculated and docile America is just what they need to expand their ever-tightening grip on power.

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