Joe Biden exploded in rage when he heard what this Senator said on Fox News

Ron Johnson

The Biden administration is falling apart at the seams. Biden can’t keep it together.

Because Joe Biden exploded in rage when he heard what this Senator said on Fox News.

President Biden and his administration were hoping to ride a wave of calm into 2023 to help rebound his general approval ratings, but that hasn’t happened.

Instead, his average approval ratings have fallen again since late January as they now sit in the low-40s and 30s depending on who you ask.

The Chinese spy balloon fiasco certainly hasn’t helped matters whatsoever.

Most Americans were startled to see Joe Biden fail to act swiftly in defense of our nation from being spied on by a communist country like China.

The delay in action has many wondering what’s going on at the White House to cause such dysfunction all the time.

One U.S. Senator thinks he has the explanation for all this and he took his thoughts to Fox News to share.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc) appeared on the Fox News show “Sunday Morning Futures” and said that Joe Biden is simply “delusional” and “detached from reality.”

“He’s detached from reality,” Johnson said of Biden. “He’s delusional. He says that we have control over it,” Johnson said on Fox.

“And the fact that he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that what is happening here is alarming and puts our nation in peril is itself alarming.”

It was about two weeks ago that the balloon found its way over United States airspace and conservatives have been raising concerns that Joe Biden is failing on national security.

“We don’t exactly have the A-team in place right now,” Johnson added.

“We have got to say the B-team isn’t probably even accurate … And it should alarm Americans.”

The Chinese spy balloon isn’t the only national security concern that we’ve been facing in recent weeks under the Biden administration.

We’ve also seen unidentified objects flying over America and being shot down as well. Americans have no idea what these objects are either.

Senator Johnson is putting it lightly when he says Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys in the White House are not the A-team.

They are the C-team at best and the F-team on the regular.

Do you feel currently feel safe with “delusional” Joe at the steering wheel of American national security? We at the Federalist Wire certainly don’t.

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