Joe Biden is fuming after the massive win Donald Trump just earned

Joe Biden

Trump’s eyes are on winning the presidential election. But now this victory has gotten him one step closer.

And Joe Biden is fuming after the massive win Donald Trump just earned.

Poll numbers are what a lot of Americans are paying attention to during this election year.

Former President Donald Trump can currently boast excellent poll numbers as he is way ahead of Nikki Haley in the Republican primary polls.

He’s also ahead in polls in several swing states that show a potential matchup between him and President Joe Biden.

But now a new poll from NBC News has come out that gives Trump one more thing to brag about to Biden and the Democrats.

According to the NBC News survey, they asked participants to rate Biden and Trump’s administrations separately.

Trump’s administration was rated as “better than expected” by 40% of respondents.

31% said it was “about as expected,” and “worse than expected” was the rating for 29% of those surveyed.

President Biden however, had much worse results.

14% rated his presidency as “better than expected” and 42% rated it “worse than expected.”

44% gave it an “about as expected” rating.

These numbers are overall a major win for Donald Trump.

Back in 2018, his administration was only seen by 29% as “better than expected.”

That’s an 11% increase to how Trump’s presidency is viewed now.

And among the individuals who believe that Trump had a better presidency, most think it was due to the economy and foreign policy being in a more stable place.

That can’t be said about how things feel under Joe Biden’s administration.

The economy and foreign policy are in an awful spot thanks to his poor leadership and policies.

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