Joe Biden’s assisted living facility exposed by GOP Congressman

joe biden

Americans have known Biden has been in dire straits. But no one expected it to have gone this far.

And Joe Biden’s assisted living facility was just exposed by one GOP Congressman.

It’s no surprise to anyone who has paid more than split second of attention to the news that Biden’s seen better days.

It’s not just gaffes anymore. We were used to that.

Hot mic moments were his hallmark during the Obama years. Now it’s just plain sad.

He can barely walk without falling down or tripping:

And he confuses people and places all of the time:

Well, it’s enough for one Congressman to finally blow the whistle.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) declared that President Joe Biden’s “cognitive decline” is no longer a mystery, asking, “What are the Democrats going to do about it?”

“It’s no longer breaking news when I tell the American people that there is something wrong with Joe Biden. Everyone can see that now. It’s not in question anymore. It’s what are the Democrats going to do about it?” Jackson told Hannity.

“The natural course of any of these illnesses, I don’t know if it’s Alzheimer’s, dementia, or multi-infarct dementia. I’m not making a diagnosis, but I’m saying he has a cognitive issue related to his age. The natural course of all these illnesses is that they get worse with time. They don’t get better.”

“The White House is nothing more than an assisted living facility right now,” he continued.

Jackson, who worked as a physician in the White House under Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, expressed his alarm to Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, calling the president’s cognitive impairment “an embarrassment,” “scary,” and “dangerous.”

Jackson mentioned the economy and inflation, crime, international policy, America’s border crisis, and terrorist concerns.

“We have big issues right now that this country needs to be dealing with, and we need a commander in chief, and we need a head of state, that’s cognitively and physically fit to do the job, and this man is absolutely not,” Jackson said.

“In the Bush administration, we passed out presidential M&M’s. In the Obama administration, we passed out presidential Kisses. In the Trump administration and the Reagan administration, it was presidential jelly beans. I’m assuming now if you go up, you get a presidential Jell-O cup. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s sad.”

“The Democrats are in damage control right now. They are frantic. They realize that they have made this mistake. They put this man in office and expected him to be our president for four years, and he’s not going to make it four years, I don’t think,” he added.

“He’s certainly not going to make it another four years, and now they are desperately trying to figure out what do they do about this.”

Biden is the oldest president in US history, at the age of 81.

If re-elected, he would be 86 when he leaves office.

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