Joe Biden’s “diabolical” plot exposed by this Catholic Bishop

Archbishop Chaput

President Biden pretends to be a faithful Catholic Christian. Anyone with half a brain knows the truth.

And Joe Joe Biden’s “diabolical” plot was just exposed by this Catholic Bishop.

Democrat politicians have been selling out their supposed Christian principles for their woke ideology for decades.

Though the Catholic Church has taught for millennia that marriage is between one man and one woman or that gender is an unchangeable biological fact, Catholic Democrats have pushed for laws that run directly contrary to the teaching.

And when it comes to the issue of abortion, the Church is more clear than ever on this perennial teaching.

Pope Francis, widely considered a rather liberal Pope, has described abortion as “more than an issue. Abortion is murder.”

“Abortion is not the lesser of two evils. It is a crime. It is to throw someone out in order to save another. That’s what the Mafia does. It is a crime, an absolute evil,” the pope said in his in-flight press conference returning from Mexico in 2016.

Meanwhile you have supposed “Catholics” such as Joe Biden saying, “the American people must continue to use their voices to protect the right to women’s health care, including abortion.”

Biden’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, and he thinks the entire world should bend to his radical ideology.

But one brave Catholic Bishop just stood up to the President and exposed him for what he truly is.

Secularization is not inevitable but people choose it because it’s “the easy and materially rewarding path,” Archbishop Chaput told ACI Prensa, and it has been “a temptation since the devil offered to give the world to Jesus.”

“It’s especially tempting for leaders like bishops and priests in the Church, and politicians in the secular order,” continued the former leader of the Philadelphia archdiocese.

“Catholic political leaders ignore or betray the faith all the time to please their constituencies and stay in power,” he said. “Here in our own country, we saw it just recently in the annual State of the Union speech, where a ‘Catholic’ President Biden promised to support full access to abortion at any time.”

Secularization becomes a deadly temptation when we are persuaded to “make peace with worldly behaviors and beliefs that directly contradict the teachings of Jesus and his Church,” according to him.

When asked what he thinks of recent proposals from German bishops to bring the Church’s teaching up to date so that today’s world finds it compelling, Chaput stated the Church’s mission is not to reflect the world but to question it, frequently as a show of conflict.

“The Church has always given convincing answers,” he said. “They’re convincing because they’re true; not always easy or welcome, but life-giving and true. That’s what explains the success of Christianity through time.”

“Getting back to fundamentals is what will renew the Church — not answers that are convenient for the times but violate Catholic belief,” he said.

The archbishop also addressed a recent contentious piece by San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy, in which he advocated that everyone be welcome to receive communion and that those who actively participate in gay sex should not be separated from those who only have same-sex attraction.

“Cardinal McElroy clearly and courageously wrote about his convictions. Unfortunately, many of his convictions are wrong and contrary to the faith of the Church,” Chaput stated. “I’m surprised — and what’s worse, many good people are confused and scandalized — that he hasn’t been publicly corrected by the Holy See.”

“Receiving holy Communion demands that we first be in communion with Jesus, his Church, and Catholic teaching,” he said. “It’s a lie to receive holy Communion if we reject or ignore the teachings of Jesus and his Church. The first role of our conscience is to keep us honest.”

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