Kamala Harris’ bizarre statement about Joe Biden has Democrats worried sick

Kamala Harris

The White House is in shambles right now. No one seems to have a grip on any of the issues plaguing the United States.

And Kamala Harris’ bizarre statement about Joe Biden has Democrats worried sick.

Joe Biden will be 81 years old in November.

That means if he were to win a second term in 2024, he would be 86 by the end of his final four years in the Oval Office.

This has caused quite a bit of concern among both Democrats and Republicans who feel like the president is too old to continue his duties.

And Biden’s constant gaffes and inability to walk up stairs without tripping has also added to this concern.

But Vice President Kamala Harris is trying to change the narrative by insisting that Biden is more than capable of performing at a high level as president.

And she’s doing this in a very strange way.

In an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Harris was asked about the possibility of taking over for President Biden should he end up not running for reelection.

“Well, first of all, I’m not gonna engage in that hypothetical because Joe Biden is very much alive and running for reelection. So there we are,” Harris answered.

Vice President Harris’ “very much alive,” statement did nothing to assure voters that the octogenarian president is fit to serve another four years as commander-in-chief.

Harris shouldn’t need to assure the public about Biden’s current viability if he legitimately was physically and mentally fit for the job.

But since Joe Biden’s age is a concern, Harris has to do all she can to assure everyone that he isn’t in danger of keeling over anytime soon.

The Vice President also told 60 Minutes reporter Bill Whitaker that not only will Biden run for reelection, but he’ll also win in 2024.

“What I will say is this: When the American people are able to take a close look at election time on their options, I think the choice is gonna be clear,” Harris said.

“Bill, we’re gonna win. Let me just tell you that. We’re gonna win. And I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. But we will win.”

It sounds like Kamala Harris is worried on the inside about President Biden’s age and his chances at winning reelection.

Otherwise she wouldn’t be spending time during an interview trying to convince viewers otherwise.

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