Hunter Biden’s revealed his latest plan to take down Fox News

hunter biden

The president’s son is on a warpath. He’s trying to destroy those who are exposing him for his crimes.

And Hunter Biden has revealed his latest plan to take down Fox News.

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past several years.

He can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Hunter is currently facing several indictments relating to tax and gun infractions.

He’s also caught up in a U.S. House impeachment inquiry that’s targeting his father, President Biden.

Both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have been alleged to have profited off foreign business dealings by influence peddling President Biden’s name when he was vice president during the Barack Obama administration.

Not only that, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are alleging that Hunter Biden has also participated in FARA violations and s*x trafficking.

And in an effort to try and take attention away from these alleged crimes, Hunter Biden has threatened a lawsuit against Fox News for sharing pictures of him that relate to his legal troubles.

Hunter has said that the images used by Fox News were “hacked.” However, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has said that the pictures, which were originally on his laptop, were collected by law enforcement during a search warrant.

The laptop was also dropped off at a repair store before the FBI obtained it, according to the DOJ.

“The chain of custody of that laptop has been well established,” Miranda Devine of the New York Post said.

But those facts aren’t stopping Hunter Biden and his legal team from threatening Fox News.

“FOX knows that these private and confidential images were hacked, stolen, and/or manipulated digital material,” his attorneys said via a letter.

“While routinely defaming and disparaging Mr. Biden, FOX has simultaneously sought to profit by the unlawful exploitation of Mr. Biden’s image, name, and likeness for commercial purposes and reprehensible dissemination of salacious photographs depicting Mr. Biden,” Hunter Biden’s lawyer Tina Glandian wrote.

“The lawyers also demanded that Fox News take down their special, ‘The Trial of Hunter Biden’ – a six-part mock trial focused on his foreign business dealings,” Axios reports.

“She also asked that all articles be updated with an editor’s note.”

Looks like Hunter Biden doesn’t like to face consequences for his wrongs.

Instead of owning up to those wrongs, he’s trying to intimidate a major news outlet to hide evidence of his disgraced actions.

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