Leaked Pentagon report proves this scary reality about Joe Biden

Joe Biden

The Biden administration is hanging by a thread. The last thing they want is for you to see this.

And this leaked Pentagon report proves a scary reality about Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have a spending problem.

Just days ago, the United States almost defaulted on its debt because Democrats refused to cut spending to prevent another debt ceiling hike later down the line.

It’s safe to say they have no clue how to budget for a household let alone a country.

And now Biden is flushing billions down the toilet.

According to reports, the Pentagon is about to announce another military aid package worth more than $2 billion for Ukraine.

The new package would be disclosed around one week after the Pentagon announced a $300 million package for Ukraine on May 31.

Bloomberg News reported Friday morning that the Pentagon could reveal the package’s inclusion of air defense bombs as early as Friday.

According to reports, the package will be provided through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which funds fresh weapon acquisitions rather than utilizing presidential drawdown authority, which has previously been used to sanction the delivery of US military equipment to Ukraine.

Based on the article, the package will fund the procurement of Hawk missile launchers and missiles, as well as two types of modern Patriot air defense missiles.

On May 31, the Pentagon announced a $300 million assistance package.

So far, the Biden administration has pledged more than $38.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine, including $37.6 billion since Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2022.

Unfortunately, Ukraine’s counteroffensive appears to have begun with shoddy tactics and strategy.

Of course, going on the offense will always be more costly than defending, but American equipment is being so misused that it’s a sitting duck for the Russians.

The United States doesn’t have endless supplies of ammo, tanks, and missiles.

Eventually, we’re going to have to look at how to end this war on peaceful terms, not continue to escalate tensions with a nuclear power.

But that isn’t what Biden and the Democrats are concerned with.

After all, it isn’t their money.

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