Leaked photo of Kamala Harris could be the end of her political career

Kamala Harris

The Vice President can’t stop making mistakes. She even makes President Biden look competent.

And a leaked photo of Kamala Harris could be the end of her political career.

As Christmas Day approached, Vice President Harris made it a point to wish her fellow American citizens well through various posts on X.

On Christmas Eve, Harris posted a picture of her and first gentleman Doug Emhoff in front of a Christmas tree.

The caption on the post read, “Wishing everyone a happy holiday season.”

Harris came under fire for not using the word “Christmas” in her Christmas Eve post. But that wasn’t the worst part of any of her “seasons greetings” on X.

In another post on Christmas day, she added a picture of her and Emhoff posing for a selfie while apparently making beef Wellington.

“Merry Christmas to all. May your day be filled with love, family, and good food. P.S. We are making Christmas beef Wellington,” the X post read.

Harris’ post was shared around 1:30 p.m. on Monday, the 25th.

But what X users quickly found out was that the clock in the back of the photo said it was about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday (Christmas Eve).

“You took this photo yesterday tho,” one user said.

This is another example of politicians attempting to be relatable but instead missing the mark completely through something like a fake Christmas photo.

It also shows how careless Vice President Harris is, even when it comes to making a simple post on social media.

All she had to do was examine the photo before she posted it, and she would have likely seen the large clock in the background.

But instead, she failed to have any sort of attention to detail that would have prevented this whole ordeal.

Sounds like the Biden administration in a nutshell.

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