Liberal Chicago mayor caught in campaign funds scandal

The Radical Left likes to act like they are friends of the people. However, they always seem to be caught stealing from hard-working Americans.

And now, the liberal Chicago mayor has been caught in a massive campaign fund scandal.

Chicago’s progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson has recently come under fire for spending an astonishing $30,000 on personal grooming in a single year.

The funds, derived from contributions made by supporters to the Friends of Brandon Johnson campaign fund, were primarily used for makeup and hair appointments, raising questions about the appropriateness and necessity of such expenditures.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the majority of the grooming expenses were paid to Denise Milloy, a makeup artist and “skincare enthusiast” based on the south side of Chicago.

The campaign finance records indicate that over 30 payments were made to Milloy between 2023 and 2024. Additionally, $4,000 was spent on hair appointments, further compounding the controversy.

During his campaign, these payments were categorized as “candidate makeup for TV” and “candidate makeup,” while post-election expenses were labeled more generally as “campaign expenses.”

Bill Neidhardt, a campaign advisor for Johnson, issued a written statement to the Chicago Sun-Times emphasizing that taxpayer dollars were not used for the mayor’s grooming expenses.

“The mayor does not spend taxpayer dollars in preparation for the many public appearances and events he attends every day,” Neidhardt stated, attempting to quell public concern over the nature of these expenditures.

The campaign fund’s usage for personal grooming stands in stark contrast to the image Johnson’s campaign projected of being funded primarily by “working-class people.”

This revelation raises questions about whether the donations were used in a manner consistent with the donors’ expectations.

Neidhardt defended the expenditures, highlighting that the payments support black- and women-owned businesses.

“[Johnson] is using his own campaign funds to pay Black- and women-owned businesses a fair wage in compensation for their work in preparing the mayor and individuals associated with the campaign for public appearances, events, media segments, and other availabilities,” he said. This angle appears to be an attempt to frame the expenditures as socially responsible and beneficial to the local economy.

Johnson’s grooming expenses are notably higher than those of other politicians.

Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent approximately $2,000 on makeup services last year, and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker spent $6,000 on hair and makeup at a beauty salon between 2018 and 2022. This stark difference in spending has fueled criticism and skepticism about Johnson’s financial prudence and priorities.

The public reaction has been mixed, with many expressing outrage over what they perceive as frivolous spending, especially given the economic challenges faced by many of the city’s residents.

Many citizens argue that the funds could have been better utilized to address pressing issues within the community, such as crime, education, and infrastructure.

The revelation of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s substantial spending on personal grooming has sparked a debate about the ethics and appropriateness of such expenditures, particularly when they are funded by campaign contributions from supporters.

While the campaign insists that no taxpayer dollars were used and that the spending supports minority-owned businesses, the high costs compared to other politicians’ grooming expenses have raised eyebrows.

As the scrutiny continues, it remains to be seen how this will affect Johnson’s political capital and his relationship with the voters who supported him.

The broader implications of such spending practices may also prompt a reevaluation of campaign finance regulations and the expectations placed on public officials regarding the use of their campaign funds.

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