Mayhem strikes after Joe Biden is ambushed by a rabid crowd of protestors

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The president’s safety is Secret Service’s number one concern. But this time they had their work cut out for them.

And mayhem strikes after Joe Biden is ambushed by a rabid crowd of protestors.

Last Thursday morning, President Joe Biden was in Dallas, Texas at a hotel where he encountered angry anti-Israel protestors.

The several dozen protestors stood outside his hotel as they shouted at him and said that they wouldn’t vote for him unless he and his administration changed their strategy toward the Israel-Hamas conflict.

They also held signs demanding a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

Signs that read, “In November, we will remember,” were also displayed by the angry mob.

“If we get no justice, you don’t get no sleep,” the protestors shouted while outside Biden’s hotel.

They were even banging on pots to make a disturbance, as well as waving Palestinian flags.

This hasn’t been the first time President Biden has encountered angry protestors who are upset with his support of Israel.

There have even been some in the past who have called him “Genocide Joe” since he hasn’t successfully called for a cease-fire yet.

Even first lady Jill Biden has seen anti-Israel protestors interrupt a speech she gave recently.

Before Biden was set to give his State of the Union address a couple weeks ago, protestors sat on Pennsylvania Avenue to try and block him from giving his remarks.

Michigan and Minnesota saw a high volume of voters vote “uncommitted” in the Democrat primary this year as a protest for Biden’s support of Israel.

Ever since October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel and killed 1,200 people, Joe Biden and his administration have said that the Jewish nation has the right to defend itself from the terrorist group.

That hasn’t stopped the administration from questioning Israel’s tactics and efforts to stop Hamas.

The Biden White House is afraid that Israel’s counter-attacks could cause a large loss of civilian life.

But those questions and concerns that Biden has of Israel are not enough to calm the anger from protestors.

Even members of the Democrat Party are unpleased with the president’s handling of this entire situation.

And that could spell bad news for Joe Biden in the general election this year.

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