Military officials expose the truth about Biden’s biggest failure

Joe Biden

President Biden has turned his back on the members of the U.S. military. And now they are speaking out.

Because military officials have exposed the truth about Biden’s biggest failure.

Veterans have accused the Biden administration of being responsible for the disorderly U.S. military’s 2021 exit from Afghanistan.

House lawmakers heard testimony on Thursday from former Special Operations Command-Central chief of staff Retired Col. Seth Krummrich, former Afghanistan combat leader Retired Col. Christopher Kolenda, and former Afghanistan command sergeant major Retired Col. Jacob Smith.

Democrats used the hearing to argue that oversight by Congress should focus on the whole war in Afghanistan, not just its closing weeks, while Republicans used it to focus on the final stages of the war.

According to Krummrich’s testimony before Congress, “the bottom line is the administration controlled how we withdrew and when we withdrew, making them the majority stakeholder of many guilty parties in the failure and collapse of Afghanistan under the current Taliban rule.”

According to Krummrich, the decision by President Joe Biden to pull all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan at the end of August 2021 was “a shock and a rude awakening for all the planners.”

When questioned by the House Armed Services Committee in March, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he had no “regrets” regarding the withdrawal’s handling.

When asked about it, Krummrich described his reaction as “extremely frustrated and let down,” while Kolenda brought up the deaths of members of his squad in combat. Smith didn’t want to comment because he has to focus on his military duties.

In August of that year, as the Taliban quickly rose to power and the military effectively disbanded, they decided to launch a noncombatant evacuation operation.

After America handed over control of Bagram prison to Afghan forces, an ISIS-K terrorist who had been released from prison at the time set off a suicide bomb killing 13 American service members and about 170 Afghan civilians was put on flights out of Afghanistan.

The Thursday hearing included family members of several of the American servicemen who lost their lives in the blast. Members of Congress and other witnesses acknowledged and thanked the Gold Star families.

Since Republicans retook the House of Representatives in January, the House Foreign Affairs Committee has focused on the pullout as an issue worthy of investigation.

Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) has sent subpoenas to the State Department multiple times and has engaged in heated verbal exchanges with them over their alleged reluctance to provide requested records.

The Biden administration is hoping that the American people forget about the Afghanistan pullout disaster that is obviously his fault.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon because it’s clear that much of the public is still extremely upset about how it all went down.

America was embarrassed in the worst way by the Taliban after America’s disastrous pullout that can clearly placed at the feet of President Biden.

Just consider how the Taliban mocked America by posting pictures of them conquering Afghanistan with a picture that’s eerily similar to that of the infamous Iwo Jima battle from 1945.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings haven’t been able to recover ever since the summer of 2021 when the Afghanistan disaster was on the forefront of the news, likely an indication that voters just can’t trust Biden anymore.

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