Nancy Pelosi blindsided everyone with what she just said about Kevin McCarthy

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not one to bite her tongue. But sometimes it gets her in trouble.

And Nancy Pelosi blindsided everyone with what she just said about Kevin McCarthy.

Relations between the two major political parties in Congress have never been more strained in recent American history than right now.

It’s virtually impossible for Democrats and Republicans to agree on passing legislation that’s in favor with both of the parties.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is definitely a major part of that. During her time as the Speaker of the House, Pelosi ruled with an iron fist and demanded her Democrat inferiors fall in line.

Who can forget when she ripped up the State of the Union address that Donald Trump gave back in February of 2020?

When Kevin McCarthy came into power in the House of Representatives as the new Speaker, Nancy Pelosi made her thoughts of him well known.

She rudely said that Kevin McCarthy would need a “doctor” or a “psychiatrist” after he lost a the first few votes that were being cast for a new House Speaker.

She also said he was a “moron” in July of 2021 because McCarthy was criticizing the mask mandate that she and her fellow Democrats were strictly enforcing.

Though, it seems she might be trying to calm down some of the partisan jabs, at least for the time being.

Recently, Kevin McCarthy took a trip to Taiwan to show solidarity with the Taiwanese in their bid to keep communist China from invading their country.

The meeting carried a major political weight as Chinese officials were literally sending warning shots saying that McCarthy shouldn’t go to Taiwan because it would be an offense to their communist regime.

After McCarthy’s trip to Taiwan reportedly went well, Nancy Pelosi and her office decided to put out an official statement praising McCarthy for the successful trip.

“Today’s meeting between President Tsai of Taiwan and Speaker McCarthy is to be commended for its leadership, its bipartisan participation, and its distinguished and historic venue,” the Pelosi team said in an official press release.

Of course, it’s not like Pelosi is all of a sudden a huge fan of McCarthy, but it’s noteworthy that her office decided to put out an official statement.

She didn’t just make the comment in passing or behind closed doors. The official statement carries some significance to it.

Pelosi’s party likely won’t be very fond of the fact that she praised the Republican party Leader in the House of Representatives.

The simple truth is that the Democrat Party has become way more hostile and radical than ever before, and definitely shows a lack of being willing to cooperate with the Republicans in Congress.

But it is a somewhat encouraging sign to see that there’s at least something the politicians in Washington, D.C. can agree on without the constant fighting.

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