President Biden got slapped with a huge lawsuit that completely blindsided him

Joe Biden

The Biden administration has run amok of the federal justice agencies. But the President is about to pay the consequences.

Because Joe Biden got slapped with a huge lawsuit that completely blindsided him.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman, and Republican presidential candidate, announced on Tuesday that he will sue the Department of Justice to obtain more details about the charges against former President Trump.

This comes after the agency reportedly failed to respond to Ramaswamy’s Freedom of Information Act Request regarding the classified document case.

To learn more about “any similar communications” concerning the recent indictment against the 45th president, he has also filed a new Freedom of Information Act request.

“We should demand accountability and transparency,” he said in an announcement on Twitter.

“In U.S. v. Alvarez, the Supreme Court held that political candidates have a First Amendment right to knowingly make inaccurate statements. If you’re going to indict a former president and leading presidential candidate, it better not be based on unprecedented legal theory. Further, it’s more than a stretch to call something criminal if someone is seeking legal counsel from their own lawyers.

On Tuesday, a federal grand jury issued criminal charges against Trump as a result of the investigation begun by special counsel Jack Smith on January 6.

The presidential hopeful was hit with charges of conspiring to defraud the United States, obstructing an official proceeding, attempting to hinder an official proceeding, and conspiring to violate citizens’ rights.

Ramaswamy has slammed the indictment, claiming that the federal government will not rest until they have “eliminated Trump.”

“The corrupt federal police just won’t stop until they’ve achieved their mission: eliminate Trump. This is un-American & I commit to pardoning Trump for this indictment. Donald Trump isn’t the cause of what happened on Jan 6. The real cause was systematic & pervasive censorship of citizens in the year leading up to it.”

President Biden probably didn’t see this one coming his way at all.

The White House claims that they have not been communicating with the Department of Justice and the FBI as it pertains to any investigations into potential charges being brought against Donald Trump.

But some reports have shown that may not be the case.

Ramaswamy, as well as plenty of other Republicans and conservatives, want to know all the details behind why Donald Trump is being indicted.

Because at this point, this all just seems like a witch hunt like Donald Trump says it is.

Unless the DOJ and the FBI under the direction of Joe Biden get more transparent, the American people will not regain trust in these agencies ever again.

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated on this lawsuit and the pending FOIA requests.