The Democratic National Committee is on the verge of collapse after this harmful statement

asa hutchinson

The Left can’t seem to do anything right. Everything they touch becomes ruined.

And the Democratic National Committee is on the verge of collapse after this harmful statement.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided that after the results of the Iowa caucus came in, it would be a good time to gloat and poke fun at a candidate who did not fair so well in the first voting contest of the Republican primary.

And the target of the DNC was former Arkansas Governor and Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson, who announced his suspension of his 2024 campaign after the caucus.

“This news comes as a shock to those of us who could’ve sworn he had already dropped out,” Sarafina Chitika the National Press Secretary of the DNC said in a statement on Tuesday.

Hutchinson finished in 6th place in the Hawkeye State and was consistently polling around 1% throughout the primary.

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post, posted a screenshot of the statement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The DNC’s (rather gratuitous?) statement on Asa Hutchinson,” Blake’s X post said.

Politicians and political pundits who consider themselves heavily “Never Trump,” criticized the statement because they believed that Hutchinson was a Republican who was willing to call out Donald Trump for a variety of things, including his alleged involvement in the January 6 protests and riots on Capitol Hill in 2021.

“I assume you guys want the support in November of that slice of Republicans who admire Asa for being a decent and principled person, and for not bending the knee to [former President Donald] Trump?” said Bill Kristol, a “Never Trump” movement figurehead and political commentator.

“Or is Biden so far ahead that you don’t need every potential crossover vote?”

“Stupid. The DNC should have praised Asa for his forthright condemnation of Trump and the insurrection, and noted that his integrity meant he had no chance of winning over Republican primary voters,” Norman Ornstein, a political scientist noted.

Anti-Trump Republican and former U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) deemed the DNC’s statement as “stupid” and “dumb.”

Look, conservatives aren’t going to shed a tear about the DNC’s inability to properly court voters.

But it is humorous to see how they constantly find a way to mess things up.

Hutchinson and his base are likely not going to support Trump in the general election despite aligning as Republicans.

However, with enough convincing, that sector of the GOP could be talked into voting for President Biden in November.

But with statements like the DNC’s, that might be off the table now.

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