The FBI was just exposed for holding a child at gunpoint

FBI Raid

Biden’s FBI has been used his personal political army. Now innocent Americans are getting caught in the crossfire.

And the FBI was just exposed for holding a child at gunpoint.

Joe Biden and the Democrats aren’t known for playing by the rules.

They know so long as they control the courts and law enforcement, there’s nothing conservative Americans can do to stop them.

Now, they’re going on the offensive.

After their 15-year-old child posted “offensive memes” online, the FBI allegedly used force to remove an orthodox Catholic family from their house and place them in a locked vehicle.

The boy’s father claimed that his minor kid was duped by the FBI as part of their well-publicized targeting of so-called “radical traditional Catholics.”

According to Debra Heine of American Greatness, the Rufini family was “allegedly dragged out of their home at gunpoint, handcuffed, and locked in a van” earlier this year.

Heine went on to say that “the FBI’s aggressive ‘investigation’ only resulted in a misdemeanor conviction against the boy for breach of peace, but financially devastated the family with substantial legal expenses.”

Jeremiah Rufini, the family’s father, submitted a plea on the Christian crowdsourcing site GiveSendGo.

He explained that, like his other children, his son was not “raised with cell phones or unrestricted internet access.”

“It became necessary for him to have a phone so we could communicate while he was alone at my father’s house caring for my grandmother, and so we reluctantly allowed him to have a cell phone,” Rufini explained.

“He spent a lot of time alone with nothing to do but wait and think and the cell phone became a welcome distraction,” the father added.

According to him, the child’s “interests in history and theology led him down a rabbit hole where he was recruited into group chats targeting teenage traditionalist Catholics with extreme political content.”

“We later learned that these chats were being closely monitored, and possibly operated by, FBI agents as part of an effort to investigate Traditional Catholics that was downstream of a broader domestic investigation spurred by the events of January 6th,” Rufini revealed.

The story is likely to fuel speculation that the Bureau’s targeting of the boy is related to the anti-Catholic Richmond memo, which was disclosed earlier this year by an FBI whistleblower.

Rufini added that he was “not happy” with his son’s online behavior.

He said that while he agrees the boy “showed a severe lack of judgment,” the FBI’s aggressive “response seemed very disproportionate.”

According to CatholicVote Vice President Joshua Mercer, it is unclear what the FBI accused the boy of doing.

“But unless he was engaging in real terroristic activities, there would seem to be no justification for sending FBI agents to SWAT team the kid’s house,” Mercer said.

Heine claims that the FBI eventually “lost interest in the case.”

However, Rufini said the ensuing legal action cost his family “over $20,000 we don’t have so far.”

The boy was “hospitalized on mental health pretenses.”

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