The White House is in disbelief after presidential candidate ends their campaign

Rep. Dean Phillips

Election surprises keep coming from all sides. No one ever has a feel on what will happen next.

And the White House is in disbelief after this presidential candidate ends their campaign.

Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday morning.

While appearing on WCCO Radio, Phillips said, “I am going suspend my campaign, and I will be, right now, endorsing President Biden.”

He also posted on X to announce his decision to drop out, saying, “In 2011, I hosted then-VP Biden at my home. Most notable was his empathy and kindness to my daughters and the catering staff, with whom he sat and had ice cream (surprise-surprise). His decency and wisdom were rarities in politics then, and even more so today.”

“Over a decade late, the only thing that has changed is time – which slows all of us down a bit, including presidents.”

In the X post, Phillips continued on about how he ran for Congress to “resist Donald Trump,” and also ran for president “to resist Donald Trump again – because Americans were demanding an alternative, and democracy demands options.”

“But it is clear that alternative is not me. And it is clear that Joe Biden is OUR candidate and OUR opportunity to demonstrate what type of country America is and intends to be.”

Phillips was unable to win any of the many states that held Democrat primary voting contests on Super Tuesday.

“Congratulations to Joe Biden, Uncommitted, Marianne Williamson, and Nikki Haley for demonstrating more appeal to Democratic Party loyalists than me,” Phillips said on X on Tuesday evening as voting results were coming in.

Rep. Phillips will also not be running for reelection to his seat in the U.S. House either.

“My journey to public service began the morning after the 2016 election when I faced the reality that democracy requires participation – not observation,” he said in a statement. “After three terms, it is time to pass the torch.”

As for President Joe Biden, Phillips dropping out takes away a threat to him in the Democrat presidential nomination process.

While Phillips was always a longshot candidate, Biden has also been facing a campaign from voters who’d rather vote as “uncommitted” in the Democrat primary than for him.

Dean Phillips wasn’t the only presidential candidate who dropped out on Wednesday either.

Republican candidate Nikki Haley dropped out of the race after she got shellacked by Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

She however hasn’t endorsed the former president yet at the time of this article being written.

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