The White House is in flames over a damaging feud among fellow Democrats

karine jean-pierre

President Biden has a hard time enough managing the country. But now he can’t even manage members of his own administration.

And the White House is in flames over a damaging feud among fellow Democrats.

The Biden White House is a disaster.

The amount of crises they’ve mishandled over the last several years is astonishing.

But now it seems as though they have a crisis to address internally.

According to reports from Axios, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, have reportedly been infighting.

This infighting has reportedly brought “tension” among the two over various issues.

Jean-Pierre and Kirby have to work alongside one another during press conferences, because President Joe Bide “likes it,” according to reports from Axios.

Kirby is a “favorite” of Biden’s and has important foreign policy experience.

He’s also been one to eye for Jean-Pierre’s job as press secretary, but hasn’t made any moves to try and become her replacement.

Jean-Pierre has no plans whatsoever to leave her position and plans to stay there “through the election.”

The feud between the two heated up after Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7. That’s when Kirby was given a bigger spotlight during the press conferences.

And one of the biggest reasons the two have been fighting is because they argue over who gets to call on members of the press to ask them questions.

“Jean-Pierre still runs the press briefings and selects which reporters ask Kirby questions, rather than letting him choose,” reports Axios.

This has caused Kirby to become frustrated, particularly with Jean-Pierre choosing the reporters. It is alleged that she does so because she is “being insecure” due to having Kirby assist her in the press conferences.

According to Axios, “Jean-Pierre’s defenders say the arrangement undermined her from the beginning and made a difficult job harder. Some Black Democrats in the administration and on Capitol Hill say the situation was insulting because it suggested that the first Black secretary to represent the president needed supervision.”

When Biden told Jean-Pierre that Kirby would be working with her, she allegedly became angry and exited the meeting “upset and confused.”

This is just another example of the Biden administration being a circus and not run properly.

But is anyone surprised that a Biden-led team would experience a situation like this?

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