This Republican just left a “60 minutes” host speechless

marjorie greene

The media is always angling for a “gotcha” moment against conservatives. But they got circles run around them this time.

Because this Republican just left a “60 minutes” host speechless in a primetime interview.

The fake news media has given conservatives the short end of the stick for decades.

But ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, they’ve gone completely feral.

Now, whatever a conservative politician or commentator says is considered “hate speech” or a “danger to democracy,” whatever that means.

For years, Republicans in Congress were afraid to fight back against media mouthpieces, but that’s all changed since the Trump-era.

And Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appeared to leave “60 Minutes” host Lesley Stahl speechless when she doubled down on claims that the Democratic Party was “the party of pedophiles.”

For Sunday night’s broadcast, Stahl spoke with Greene, and she questioned the Georgia representative on why she had recently referred to the Democratic Party in that way.

Stahl remarked, “The Democrats are ‘a party of pedophiles,'” which elicited a comment from Greene.

“I would definitely say so. They support grooming children,” was Greene’s reply.

“They are not pedophiles. Why would you say that?,”. Stahl shot back

“Democrats support – even Joe Biden, the president himself, supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children,” Greene answered, drawing a direct comparison between pedophilia and the adults who were condoning or even promoting hormone-based or even surgical gender transition for minors.

After a pause, Stahl said simply, “Wow … okay.”

Greene shared video of the exchange and repeated her position in a tweet on Monday: “I’ll say it again: sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children. You’re either fighting to stop it or you support it. There is no in between.”

Greene has vehemently objected to gender transition in children, whether it be hormonal or surgical, and has proposed a bill called the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to do so.

“In order to protect our nation’s children from gender lies and permanent damage to their bodies, we must pass my bill, Protect Children’s Innocence Act. My bill will make it a felony to perform ‘gender, affirming care’ on minors under the age of 18, stop damaging puberty blockers, unhealthy hormones, allow victims to sue for damages, and will protect growing kid’s bodies into adulthood,” she tweeted.

Before it was even broadcast, the “60 Minutes” interview received harsh criticism from liberals who were upset that CBS was even considering featuring the Georgia Republican.

The hosts of ABC’s noon chat show “The View,” which aired on Monday, were upset with Stahl for not challenging Greene’s assertions more forcefully.

“Where were the receipts?” host Sunny Hostin complained.

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