Top Democrat goes on racist rant against this black Republican

Marlene Terry

The Democrat Party pretends to be the party of tolerance and understanding. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

And a top Democrat goes on racist rant against this black Republican.

To the modern radical Leftist, everything must be viewed through the lense of identity.

Whether it is gender, racial, or social identity, nothing is more valuable than being part of a designated victim group.

And anyone who has paid attention to politics over the past decade has seen just how effective this strategy has been for Democrats.

One of their favorite tactics is to play the race card – if a white Republican disagrees with them, he’s a racist.

If a black Republican disagrees with them, he’s an Uncle Tom. They get to have their cake and eat it too.

Many black conservative thinkers and politicians have boldly run contrary to the liberal orthodoxy, demanding that individuals be treated according to their character and skills, not their identities.

But that was just too much for one Democrat politician in Missouri.

This week, Justin Hicks, a black Republican in the Missouri state legislature, got yelled at by Marlene Terry, a black Democrat, because he didn’t want the state government to pay for diversity, equity, and inclusion projects.

By a vote of 105 to 46, the Missouri state House, which is controlled by Republicans, sent House Bill 6 to the state Senate on Thursday. This bill would give money to the departments of agriculture, natural resources, and conservation.

The bill states that the departments can’t spend money on “staffing, vendors, consultants, or programs related to ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,’ or ‘Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging.'”

The bill also blocks funds for initiatives that go toward initiatives that promote preferential treatment based on identity, “the concept that disparities are tied to oppression,” “collective guilty ideologies,” and “intersectional or divisive identity activism.”

During the debate on the bill, Terry, who has been in office since 2021, questioned Hicks about why he didn’t want state money to go to DEI programs. Hicks is a Republican who was elected to represent part of St. Charles County in 2022.

“You said you were OK with the DEI [measure], and that there is an equal playing field. Did you say that? “, she asked Hicks. He said that he did agree that government money shouldn’t go to DEI.

“What it does is say that we are not in the business in state government of giving preferential treatment to certain groups and individuals. We treat everyone the same because we are all people under the law,” Hicks said.

Terry then asked the new representative with what race he identified. “I identify as an American,” he replied, which led to applause from some of the lawmakers present.

After Hicks told Terry that she had been given the same opportunity to be elected to state government as everyone else, Terry said that Hicks was “delusional.”

“You are delusional if you think that because that’s not how life is going. That’s the reason we need these things implemented in some of these companies,” she said.

Terry also said that she had put forward some “darn good bills,” implying that the system was set up against her because her bills weren’t moving forward. There are 111 Republicans and 52 Democrats in the Missouri state House right now.

“I had to work on my own merit, and pretty much promote the principles that I believe in, which is freedom, equality for all, which I believe that America does. And that’s how I got elected into my position. I didn’t get elected into my position because of the color of my skin or do any race-baiting stuff that it seems like you’re promoting here,” Hicks said when asked how he was elected.

Hicks hit the nail on the head – screaming and complaining about supposed disadvantages does nothing; you should get ahead in America by working hard.

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