Top U.S. Senator goes on Fox News and spills the truth about Dr. Fauci


You may believe that Dr. Fauci retired in December of last year. But that’s not the whole truth.

Now a top U.S. Senator has gone on Fox News, to tell the truth about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

For millions of people. Dr. Anthony Fauci announcing that he would be retiring at the end of the year last year was a great relief and a time to celebrate.

While Dr. Fauci started out as a respected individual at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact is that he quickly, quickly fell out of grace with the average American.

The flip-flopping on his part on major parts of the COVID-19 pandemic response was apparent and was on full display.

He definitely earned the nickname “Flip Flop Fauci,” as many of his critics started to call him.

So you can imagine why his retirement from being the highest-paid federal employee in the entire country was a positive in the eyes of his critics.

If only it were so easy, though.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) learned earlier this year that it was possible that Dr. Fauci was actually not truly “retired” and that he was still working for the federal government in some capacity.

It was unknown where he was working, how much he was getting paid, and why he had to leave his original post to take up this new work for the federal government.

In response to these rumors, U.S. Senator Rand Paul sent a letter to the Health and Human Services (HHS) demanding answers to some critical questions about Dr. Fauci’s employment status and the benefits he’s receiving for that.

Rand Paul went on Fox News recently and said that he got a response from the HHS about Dr. Fauci’s status.

He said that the HHS told him that they haven’t been paying for Fauci’s salary for months now.

“We asked HHS early in the summer. We said, ‘Is he still working, and does he have this limo, and does he have a driver, and does he have a security detail?’ Well, HHS actually came back to us and said they haven’t been paying for it since January,” Paul told Jesse Watters on his primetime Fox News show.

But that wasn’t all there was to the story. Apparently, a federal judge eventually forced the HHs to admit that even though they weren’t paying Fauci’s continued salary themselves, it was the U.S. Marshals that were.

“But then, we discovered that Fox did a Freedom of Information Act, and a judge forced them to say that while HHS wasn’t directly funding it, the U.S. Marshals were funding it. So can you imagine we asked the government, ‘Are you funding his limo, and driver, and security detail,’ and they say, ‘Oh, we’re not doing it, but oh, somebody else is doing it, and we’re reimbursing them’?” Rand Paul continued to share with Jesse Watters.

Paul then lamented the lack of clarity that the federal government is giving the American people about Dr. Fauci’s ongoing status within the government.

“It’s a terrible example of the government lying to its representatives and to the people,” Paul added.

Senator Rand Paul said he still has questions he wants answered about Dr. Fauci like whether he’s still being legally represented by the federal government.

“Does he still get legal representation? Because he may need that eventually,” Paul said ominously.

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