Trump to be hit with new 45-count indictment bombshell

Donald Trump

Donald Trump just cannot catch a break. He’s got his hands full with legal battle after legal battle.

And now the latest reports indicate Trump is about to be smacked with yet another indictment bombshell.

Biden’s trump card in 2024 is the militarization of the judicial system.

Attorney General Merrick Garland chose Jack Smith as Special Counsel for a purpose.

Garland had no doubt that Smith was the type of zealous prosecutor who would go to any lengths to file the most damaging politically motivated charge imaginable against Trump.

In the Mar-a-Lago document ownership dispute case, Smith ultimately indicted Trump on 37 counts, putting him at risk of spending years upon years in prison.

However, surveys suggest that the general public views these accusations as purely political.

Unfortunately for Smith, he had little choice but to bring the case in front of a judge who was already dubious and a jury that was stacked with Trump supporters.

Therefore, Smith and the Biden Justice Department are planning to use the courts to eliminate Trump as a last resort.

According to reports, Smith is currently drafting a fresh 45-count indictment against Trump, the primary focus of which will be on his efforts to challenge the outcome of the 2020 election.

According to the Independent’s exclusive report:

The team of federal prosecutors working under Special Counsel Jack Smith is currently prepared to add a ‘additional 30 to 45 charges’ in addition to the 37-count indictment brought against Mr. Trump on 8 June, either in a superseding indictment in the same Florida court or in a different federal judicial district.

According to reports, former Trump campaign adviser Mike Roman has switched on his former boss and is now helping investigators.

Fraud and seditious conspiracy are said to be at the center of the January 6 charges.

According to some legal experts, Smith’s actions would be considered routine political activism, despite the fact that he would be adopting unique legal ideas in doing so.

In every Presidential election that the Republicans have won since 1988, Democrats have protested and questioned the results.

However, Smith is a prosecutor with a history of overreaching in his pursuit of Republicans.

The Supreme Court of the United States overturned the conviction of former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell by Smith in 2016 by an 8-0 majority, ruling that Smith had applied an overly broad reading of a corruption statute.

Smith could expect an Obama-appointed judge to preside over an indictment against Trump on January 6 in Washington, D.C., and a jury composed of Joe Biden supporters.

Just by having the case heard in that particular jurisdiction, Trump’s guilt would be established.

And an Obama judge would probably let Smith try the case before the 2024 election, which means he might have a left-wing jury convict Trump in a short period of time, which would be disastrous for Republicans and guarantee Joe Biden a second term as President.