White House found guilty of breaking a major federal law

Karine Jean-Pierre

The Biden admin has become a lawless cabal. They thought they could get away with their crimes.

But the White House has now been found guilty of breaking this major federal law.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre often gets the Biden administration in trouble because she’s way in over her head.

She’s constantly demeaning reporters with legitimate questions and she will even tell reporters she won’t talk to them if they ask her anything that she doesn’t want to talk about.

KJP exhibits how dysfunctional the Biden administration is, and that dysfunction has gotten the Biden administration in major trouble.

This time, with the law.

According to a government watchdog organization, the Office of Special Counsel, has determined that Karine Jean-Pierre has violated the Hatch Act when she made demeaning comments about Republican contenders in the 2022 midterm cycle.

She constantly referred to Republicans as “mega MAGA Republicans” in a sort of subtly disparaging way, obviously to get people to view Republicans as radicals that voters shouldn’t cast a ballot for.

That’s election interference and that would be illegal under the law of the Hatch Act.

The Office of Special Counsel says that KJP specifically used her “authority” to “influence” the outcome of the election.

“Because Ms. Jean‐Pierre made the statements while acting in her official capacity, she violated the Hatch Act prohibition against using her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election,” Ana Galindo‐Marron, the organization’s Hatch Act expert said in a letter this week.

They said that her comments disparaging Republican contenders in the midterms was “an inappropriate attempt to influence the vote.”

Some experts are criticizing the outcome of this Hatch Act violation, however. The organization says that while KJP is guilty of violating the Hatch Act, they are letting her off the hook with a warning because she may not have been aware that her comments were a violation of the law.

So they’ve merely given her a slap on the wrist in the form of a strongly-worded letter that has no consequences tied to it.

Even though KJP was let off the hook, the White House still would not warrant that KJP violated the law as they said in a response to the letter that they “take the law seriously” and would be “reviewing this opinion.”

A former Trump administration official, Michael Chamberlain, said that KJP’s violation of the Hatch Act being met with no consequences is exactly what’s wrong with the Biden administration and why Americans “distrust” them.

“This episode illustrates exactly what people hate about Washington, DC, and why they increasingly distrust the Biden Administration’s promises to be the most ethical in history,” Chamberlain shared in a published statement.

The idea that KJP is simply naive to the law is also not likely considering she often cites the Hatch Act as a reason she can’t comment on the campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. against Joe Biden in the Democrat primaries.

Furthermore, other Biden admin officials like the Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was found to have violated the Hatch Act as well for outright endorsing a Democrat, Alex Padilla, for office.

The Hatch Act isn’t designed to get people thrown in prison for making simple mistakes that anyone could make. But it should yet still be respected. Unfortunately, too often is the case that executive branch officials are getting away with breaking the law and facing no consequences at all.

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