White House official went on TV and made a major mistake that could sink Biden

Heather Boushey

Major cable news networks have become political arms of the Biden administration. They will do everything they can to defend Biden.

But this one White House official might lose their job after making a huge mistake live on CNBC.

Most Americans don’t want the leaders of the United States to come off like complete moron-heads when they appear on national television.

The media has become more like a sideshow at a circus in recent years, with officials from the Biden government appearing on shows hosted by Democrat activists to disseminate their lies and make themselves look like fools.

Competent leadership in the United States is a thing of the past apparently. The American people, as we can plainly see, are paying the price daily for this failure of leadership.

Joe Biden’s incompetence has a negative impact on every aspect of our lives, from public transit to personal finances.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that the Biden administration is not making any policy shifts and is instead becoming even more resolute in their pursuit of their goals.

Rather than admit his economic policies have failed, President Biden is promoting a new term: “Bidenomics.”

The longer America is forced to live with “Bidenomics,” the worse off the country’s economy will become.

Talking heads from the Biden regime are currently on the lecture circuit, where they want to persuade the American people that staying with Biden’s disastrous policies will lead to better outcomes.

The only problem is that not even the media is buying their new talking points on “Bidenomics.”

Heather Boushey, a White House economic adviser, appeared on CNBC last Wednesday to promote “Bidenomics” with the American people.

When it comes to major issues, CNBC usually takes a more leftist stance than you may expect.

They usually support Biden’s new talking lines, but this time they were met with resistance.

In response to a question concerning the “American Rescue Plan’s” inflationary effects, Boushey said that the president “has prioritized inflation.”

“He’s prioritized inflation, but what he’s prioritized as well is making sure that we get this economy back on track, we get people back into jobs, we provide that economic security so that families can thrive and doing so in a way that’s allowing American business to thrive,” Boushey said, referring to the president’s legislative policies.

“We’re now up, I believe, $490 billion of private sector investment all across the country to do those investments in semiconductors and clean energy.”

Joe Kernen of CNBC finally had enough of the deception and demanded to know why Biden is performing so poorly in economic polls.

“What do you think the average person would need to see to change their – how they feel, their perspective?” Kernen questioned Boushey.

“I mean, I don’t think you’d say that they don’t know how they feel about things, or that they’re incorrect in feeling concern or feeling like they’re having trouble making ends meet because of inflation.”

President Biden should abandon his reelection bid if he plans to campaign on the economy. The middle and lower classes of American society are bearing the brunt of his economic missteps.

If the media can’t even defend your economic failures, you know you’ve truly messed up.

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