You won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi sneaked into a bill signed by Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi

Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi has always been one of the most radical members of Congress. She just took her extremism to a new level, though.

And you won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi sneaked into bill signed by Joe Biden.

One of the more disgusting political moves that the Democrats have pulled under Joe Biden’s leadership was the recent passing of a $1.7 trillion “government funding” bill.

The bill that was concocted behind-closed-doors and rammed through the Senate followed by the U.S. House was over 4,000 pages long.

No Congressman or office staff member had time to even remotely get close to reading the whole bill and decide whether they truly approved or disapproved of the bill.

It was the Washington, D.C. “Swamp” doing what they do in ramming through a bill full of eye-watering spending and government pork kickbacks all while Americans where enjoying the holidays just before Christmas.

The bill, now signed by Joe Biden, includes more than $45 billion in additional funding for Ukraine in their war against Russia. There’s also no audit of that money and Americans have no idea where it’s going.

But that’s not all, the bill includes over $15 billion that is being used for more than 7,200 earmarks.

Much of that is truly wasteful spending like $3.6 million for the Department of Transportation to build a hiking trail that is to be named after Michelle Obama.

That’s not even the worst of it.

Recently, Nancy Pelosi’s office bragged in an official statement that she was able to secure $30 million of taxpayer dollars to be used for various “San Francisco projects” like a “LGBTQQ+ youth” center.

But wait, there’s more!

$2,000,000 will be used for the LGBTQ youth center.

$1,451,000 will be used for “Project Open Hand” for Community Nutrition and Wellness Expansion, whatever that means.

$750,000 for The Village SF Urban Indian Project. Not sure what that means either.

$2,500,000 for an “integrated care center.” That doesn’t sound vague at all, does it?

It goes on and on and on. All the way up to $30 million in taxpayer dollars.

Again, this is taxpayer money that Pelosi and the rest of the Washington, D.C. Swamp is spending.

Government spending money just comes out of the pockets of taxpayers later on.

The U.S. House now under GOP control must address the out of control spending that the federal government has been doing for the past two decades.

Otherwise, Americans are just going to be sucked dry by the government that’s supposed to represent them.