You’ll be shocked to learn which foreign power Joe Biden cut a deal with

Joe Biden

Foreign policy difficulties have been a serious thorn in the side of President Joe Biden’s administration. However, things only seem to get worse.

And you’ll be shocked to learn which foreign power Joe Biden cut a deal with.

Nearly all Washington, D.C. politicians concur that Biden’s past record on foreign affairs has been lacking.

The Afghan pullout was handled by his administration in a way that was far worse than anyone could have possibly expected.

Americans have since questioned Biden’s ability to uphold international peace and security.

The biggest unanswered challenge has been how to handle the radical totalitarian communism that is emanating from China.

John Kirby, a spokesman for Biden’s National Security Council, said it was outside of his “swim lane” to comment on what the Biden administration was doing in response to the Chinese purchasing up a large amount of farmland in the U.S.

These days, you can anticipate the White House to respond to Kirby’s objectionable question about China.

The Biden campaign’s prolonged silence on China may finally have a justification.

One of the Biden administration’s major policy influencers reportedly has close ties to the Chinese leadership and the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the 1990s, the vast so-called “green” organization Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in the United States has been promoting communist “climate” policies in China.

Now, given that China has one of the worst carbon footprints of any country in the world and is accountable for around 27% of all global emissions, one may wonder how it makes sense.

What precisely is the NRDC doing in China, then? According to accounts, some of the top NRDC executives have really held positions with the Chinese Communist Party and other branches of the Chinese government.

Gina McCarthy, the former president of the NRDC, even worked as Biden’s alleged “climate czar” from January 2021 to September 2022.

Manish Bapna, the current president of the NRDC, has reportedly attended at least two behind-closed-doors White House meetings, according to Fox News.

According to emails received from the State Department, John Kerry, the Special Presidential Envoy, also appears to maintain ongoing communication with the NRDC to discuss administration policy problems.

It is simply deafening how silent the Biden administration is over the rising radicalism in China.

There is no denying that China is growing more dangerous every every day, but the Biden administration does nothing about it.

Despite Biden’s assurances that he will declare war on China if they attack Taiwan, they won’t even denounce the Chinese.

Given the Biden administration’s close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, all of it might just be empty rhetoric.

We are learning more and more about the Biden administration’s foreign strategy as additional information comes to light. And it’s dreadfully ugly.

The Bidens have a history of widespread corruption and actively work to hide it.

But the foreign collusions might finally come to light if the GOP follows through with their promises to reclaim the House of Representatives and launch thorough investigations into Joe Biden’s White House.

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