A scathing report surfaces that signals the end for this Republican’s 2024 campaign

Chris Christie

The Republican primaries start early next year. But this candidate might not even make it that far.

And a scathing report surfaces that signals the end for this Republican’s 2024 campaign.

The New Hampshire primary is the first presidential primary where voters in the state will choose who they believe should be the GOP’s nominee.

Campaigning efforts in the Granite State have been going on for months now, with Republican candidates making their best pitch to voters.

If a candidate can win New Hampshire, they’re off to a very good start in their bid to win the 2024 Republican nomination.

Former Governor Chris Christie, despite trailing Donald Trump by a wide margin in the polls, feels very good about his chances of carrying New Hampshire.

In an interview a couple weeks back with NBC’s Meet the Press, Christie announced his intentions to beat out Donald Trump in the state’s primary.

“The whole race will change when Iowa happens, and the race will change in New Hampshire, and I’m telling you that if I beat Donald Trump in New Hampshire, and I plan to do so, that his sense of invincibility and his sense of inevitability will go away,” the former Governor said.

“There are a lot of Republicans in those numbers, even in your national numbers, who will be with Donald Trump just because they think he really is the only alternative to Joe Biden. When I beat him in New Hampshire, folks will know he’s not the only alternative to Joe Biden.”

But a recent USA Today/Boston Globe/Suffolk University survey shows that a large amount of Granite State voters (41%) want Chris Christie to drop out of the race.

In a distant second, was former Vice President Mike Pence, with only 17% saying he should drop out. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was in third at 16% and behind him was Vivek Ramaswamy at 11%.

Based off this poll, Christie’s hopes to win New Hampshire could be crushed come election day.

His campaign has even reached out to Democrats in the state to encourage them to vote for him in order to stop Donald Trump.

Literature sent to Democrat voters, read, “This can’t happen again. You can make sure it doesn’t. Stop Trump by switching parties & voting in the Republican primary.”

Christie’s “Never-Trump” approach to the Republican party is an interesting one considering the former President is so far ahead in the polls.

Some claim that Donald Trump is seeking the Oval Office in 2024 as an act of revenge for all those who wronged him, specifically in the 2020 election.

The same argument can be applied to former Governor Christie who seems to also be running to destroy Trump.

Luckily for the former President, he will likely be the nominee unless the sky falls.

Chris Christie on the other hand will be incredibly disappointed when he finds out New Hampshire voters would rather he drop out before the primary even begins.

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