After a key Democrat finally admitted Trump was right, the former President had the last laugh

Lori Lightfoot

Donald Trump made a lot of headlines during his four years in government for challenging the status quo. The political establishment was outraged by him.

But after a key Democrat finally admitted Trump was right, the former President had the last laugh.

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, the Democrats have drastically changed their immigration messaging to the far-left.

They now assert that there are no illegal immigrants since, in their opinion, they have never broken the law.

Even though that is obviously wrong, they continue to assert it.

This virtue signaling game is being played by inner-city Democrats thousands of miles from the southern border.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, is one such Democrat.

She has been saying for years that everyone is welcome in Chicago, regardless of their legal immigration status.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, decided to take her up on that offer because Texans are bearing the brunt of the ongoing crisis along the southern border.

He recently transported refugees by bus to Chicago, where they would ostensibly be welcomed.

But as was expected, Lori Lightfoot immediately shifted her position.

She reportedly bused half of those migrants to a Hampton Inn in the Republican-leaning suburb of Burr Ridge, where she plans to hold them for the upcoming month.

Fox News states:

The Republican mayor of a suburban Chicago town is calling out Windy City Mayor Lori Lightfoot after over 60 migrants were shipped to his town and dropped off at a local hotel.

After being bussed from Texas, 147 migrants arrived in Chicago on Wednesday, according to FOX 32. Sixty-four of those migrants were then taken to a Hampton Inn hotel in Burr Ridge, which is outside of Chicago, where they will be for at least the next 27 days.

This is not shocking.

Democrats want to engage in the virtue signaling exercise by claiming that everyone is welcome in their socialist societies.

They can’t only pay lip service to their radical Leftist supporters without also committing political suicide.

When it comes to really address the immigration issue, however, they learn that everything is not as peachy as it seems.

From a million miles away, Donald Trump noticed this.

He frequently criticized prominent Democrats for their hypocrisy on the subject of immigration, stating they wouldn’t be singing the same song if they were in the position of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Donald Trump is triumphant this time around.