Bernie Sanders’ presidential statement has Democrats scratching their heads

Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders has been MIA from the presidential action until now. Now we know why.

And Bernie Sanders’ presidential statement has Democrats scratching their heads.

A progressive strategist and former Bernie Sanders campaign aide reacted to her ex-boss’s endorsement of President Biden after the Vermont politician told Irish media that former President Trump has a powerful but troubling appeal.

Sanders, a “democratic socialist,” told Dublin public broadcaster Radio Teilifis Eireann that Trump appeals to many supporters who believe the ruling Democratic Party has not adequately supplied for their health care, education, and standard of living demands.

Sanders’ words, combined with his endorsement of Biden for re-election in 2023, prompted former campaign staffer Tezlyn Figaro to wonder, “Where’s Bernie Sanders [been]?”

Figaro said Trump’s opponents should focus on an economic message rather than reiterating warnings about his detente with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other topics, telling “Jesse Watters Primetime” that the Democratic Party’s issue is not a candidate’s age, but who that candidate is.

She highlighted that Sanders is only a year older than Biden, but has a totally different public image than the gaffe-prone president, whose cognitive capacities have come under growing scrutiny.

Nonetheless, Figaro accused Sanders of forsaking the progressive moment and disappearing when most needed.

“I’ll be honest with you: Where’s been Bernie Sanders the last three or four years?” she said.

“I worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016. I did not in 2020. And people who have followed him have been looking for his leadership, and he’s kind of been missing in action.”

Sanders stated in his interview with the Irish site that Trump’s brazen politicking and populist rhetoric were resonating, but not to the same extent as populist progressives like himself.

“[Voters are asking] what are you doing for me? You’re not doing really much. Trump is coming along: He is an atypical politician. He wants to get rid of all of that stuff. Why not?” Sanders stated.

“I think he’s a little crazy. Maybe I don’t agree with him on this, but he’s at least not part of the old-fashioned political establishment. So that has an appeal.”

Sanders, on the other hand, contrasted the attraction of progressives with that of Trump, stating that the former president represents xenophobia and racism.

Figaro went on to say on Fox News that it’s ironic to see Sanders “popping up” to promote his progressive message after what she saw as relative silence during Biden’s term.

“It is just impossible for me to get on here and pretend as if I haven’t been disappointed in him, or that his followers have not been disappointed in him,” she went on to say.

Figaro also expressed disappointment that Sanders declared Biden would be one of the most progressive presidents and that he has not lived up to that label, prompting presenter Jesse Watters to question how much more progressive Biden could be given his open borders and reckless spending policies.

According to Figaro, conservatives may not notice the difference in the two octogenarians, although liberals do.

“This is why the Bernie Sanders movement; the progressive movement backed away from Bernie Sanders when he endorsed Joe Biden because Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are not the same on the left.” She went on to say.

“And Joe Biden said out of the gate he was a moderate; he was never going to be a socialist. So Bernie Sanders basically sold his movement down the river, and now he has to try to back it up and backtrack.”

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