Biden ally went on TV and told the President he’s making a boneheaded mistake

Erin Burnett

President Biden’s 2024 outlook isn’t looking good. But he’s only digging his own hole.

And now a Biden ally has gone on TV to tell the President that he’s making one boneheaded mistake.

Everyone knows that Democrats are worried sick that Joe Biden might be an incumbent candidate who is already dead in the water with six months to go until Americans head to the ballot box to decide who they want in control in the Oval Office.

It seems like every day there’s another CNN or MSNBC talking head who is trying to sound the alarm that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are so bad that Trump will likely have a cakewalk into the White House.

When even the propaganda machines aren’t covering for Joe Biden, you know it’s truly bad. That’s what’s happening right now.

Recently, Joe Biden appeared on CNN for a sit-down interview and was asked a whole host of questions. However, one of the big issues with the interview is that Joe Biden was content to gaslight the American people into believing that the economy is totally fine and actually the “best in the world.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett even tried to give Joe Biden a hand by pointing out all the things that are pointing to a struggling economy, but Joe Biden still chose the gaslighting approach.

In response, Joe Biden’s allies are furious. They are seriously concerned that he is sinking his own ship by not even being willing to sympathize or acknowledge that Americans are hurting all over the country with sky-high inflation and a worsening housing crisis.

Democratic strategist James Carville criticized President Joe Biden, rebuffing claims of a thriving economy under his administration. A report by The Conference Board suggested that job growth might falter in the latter half of 2024 due to persistently low GDP and soaring inflation. Despite Biden’s assertions of an economic boom, Carville told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo that such messaging is misguided, especially for those not experiencing it firsthand.

Carville dismissed the notion of trying to persuade people into believing they’re in a good economy when they don’t feel it. He mocked the approach of Ivy League economists urging Biden to promote the economy as the best since 1969, likening it to charging a baseball instead of waiting for it to come to you. Cuomo added that even affluent individuals are feeling the pinch of high grocery and gas prices.

“I don’t think, if people don’t feel like they’re in a good economy, you can’t convince ’em,” Carville said to NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo.

“And I think there’s a bunch of Ivy League economist academic types that go in and saying, ‘sir, this is the best economy we’ve had since 1969, you have to go out and promote it.’ That’s not the world people are living in,” Carville added.

Carville emphasized the need for a nuanced approach, highlighting that while the economy might be favorable for savers like himself, it’s a different story for younger individuals struggling with housing affordability and education costs. He pointed out the disparity between those with low mortgage rates and those facing higher borrowing costs.

Biden’s CNN interview defending the economy faced criticism from CNN’s John King, who warned that the president’s optimistic stance might alienate voters who don’t perceive the economic improvement Biden describes. With the economy remaining a top concern for voters leading up to the 2024 presidential election, the persistence of high inflation rates poses a significant challenge.

Carville’s comments are shocking as he just went viral recently for heavily criticizing young people who are skeptical about wanting to vote for Joe Biden even if they already did so back in November of 2020.

Ironically, in his interview with Chris Cuomo, Carville lamented that the economy was so terrible for young people who don’t have a mortgage that’s already paid for or a life-time’s worth of savings.

This is pure cognitive dissonance. People like Carville are being forced to read the writing on the wall that Joe Biden’s policies are failing the American people, and even the propaganda machines are being forced to acknowledge this. And yet, he still insists Joe Biden is the man for the job.

Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? How would a second Joe Biden term be any better? What’s he gonna do, shoot for 20% mortgages this time around?

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