Biden just spat in the face of his newest supporters

joe biden

President Joe Biden has done it this time. He can’t help but ruin everything he touches.

And Biden just spat in the face of his newest supporters.

Joe Biden attended a rally last week for the United Auto Workers (UAW).

The UAW announced that they have endorsed the president fully.

But while speaking with the workers, Biden decided to commit yet another one of his notorious gaffes.

“Because of you, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Tulsa, all give their workers double digit raises. Because of you!”

Last time anyone checked, Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma, not a name of an automobile manufacturer.

Biden likely meant to say “Tesla,” but even still, Tesla does not have any UAW employees who work for them.

Toyota also doesn’t have any UAW employees.

“My Dad used to drive a Tulsa back in Scranton. He’d say ‘Joey, they don’t build ’em like this anymore!'” one user joked on social media, making reference to the fact that Biden has made up stories at rallies in the past to emphasize a point.

Social media users also pointed out that the president insisted on yelling during his speech, something that he’s so commonly done over the years.

And what he failed to realize is that some of the car companies that he listed off, made pay raises that actually hurt the UAW because those companies don’t have any unions.

In the long run, this will hurt the UAW.

But no one really expected the 81-year-old president to think of that during his speech.

So instead he insults his newest group of supporters by not getting his facts straight.

Perhaps the UAW is having regrets about their decision to endorse Biden.

Or maybe they’re fine with him making a mockery of their organization.

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