Congress sent Joe Biden a warning that he can’t afford to ignore

Joe Biden

President Biden’s crisis at the southern border has reached a boiling point. What happens next is critical.

And now Congress has sent Joe Biden a warning that he can’t afford to ignore.

President Biden has come under intense criticism for letting the Title 42 policy from the Trump administration lapse, allowing countless immigrants to be let into the United States without valid asylum claims.

The latest attack has come from within Congress.

Republican Mayra Flores blasted the Biden administration for “ignoring the border crisis” and letting Title 42 expire, allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country without repercussions.

President Joe Biden is being warned by Flores that his permissive open border policies will let dangerous Mexican cartels to further devastate the nation.

Since Biden took office, fentanyl overdoses and trafficking have reached all-time highs.

“They’re going to find another route. The cartels have been paid already, right? So they have an ‘obligation’, they’re going to find another route and cross them into the United States illegally. It’s going to happen,” Flores said to the media.

Flores, whose husband works for the border patrol, asserted that the Biden Administration is unwilling to take responsibility for the problem at the border because they want to utilize it to win the Hispanic community’s support in future elections.

“They don’t want to fix this issue because they want to continue using the immigration issue every election cycle to get support from the Hispanic community. Then, once they get the support from the Hispanic community, they toss them aside,” she added.

Flores’ remarks come as Vice President Kamala Harris, also known as Biden’s border czar, laid the blame for the immigration problem on Congress.

After breaking her silence following the end of Title 42, Harris read a statement from the Georgia GOP that said it was “deplorable that the Vice President is coming to Atlanta for a fundraiser campaigning while the border crisis is overflowing and we have out-of-control inflation.”

In response, she noted that the sunsetting of Trump-era policies is also proceeding smoothly.

Harris replied, “You know, I hear that everything in the last couple of days is going rather smoothly.”

“The bottom line, however, is that this issue of immigration falls squarely within the responsibility of the United States Congress.”

On the other hand, the southern border anticipates an unprecedented spike in the number of migrants trying to enter the country, with approximately 400,000 people rushing the border per month.

Letting Title 42 expire and saying that “everything is fine” is the epitome of ignoring the problem at hand.

There’s absolutely no way letting Title 42 expire makes anything better. But that’s what the Biden administration wants you to believe.

As George Orwell once wrote about in his book 1984: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

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