Democrat senator dropped the hammer on Joe Biden which could end his campaign for good

Senator Bernie Sanders

Biden and his campaign are running on fumes right now. They need a major momentum swing if they’re going to win the election this fall.

But this Democrat senator just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden which could end his campaign for good.

Leftist politicians in Washington, D.C. are growing more and more concerned with President Joe Biden’s chances to win reelection this November.

Biden’s cognitive decline is easily noticeable at this point and it’s something that Democrats simply can’t ignore anymore.

But one Leftist lawmaker believes that they have a solution to the problem.

And it’s likely not a solution that Biden and his team will be fond of.

Democrat Senator Challenges Biden to Prove Mental Fitness Amid Reelection Concerns

In a recent interview with CNN, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a prominent figure in Democratic politics and a former presidential contender, called on President Joe Biden to demonstrate his mental fitness to the American electorate.

This comes amid growing concerns from top Democratic officials and political strategists regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities and his prospects for winning a second term.

During the interview, Sanders acknowledged the apprehensions surrounding Biden’s mental state, stating, “They’re worried about his age. They’re worried about his mental acuity.”

He emphasized the importance of Biden engaging directly with the public to dispel these doubts: “I think what he has got to do is get out there, interact with people, turn off the teleprompter. And people can make a judgment for themselves how well he is doing.”

Critics have often pointed to Biden’s reliance on a teleprompter, noting that his unscripted appearances sometimes feature halting and incoherent speech, even when questions are prearranged.

These concerns were particularly evident during the first presidential debate in June, where Biden’s performance without a teleprompter left many Democrats dismayed due to his confused and rambling responses.

Sanders reiterated his stance that Biden needs more spontaneous public interactions to demonstrate his mental capacity. “What I think is best is for him to get out, to talk to people, to do town meetings, to do press conferences, and let the people decide,” he said.

“That‘s how I think you determine cognitive ability.”

As a veteran of the 2016 and 2020 presidential races, Sanders knows the rigors of campaigning. Despite losing to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in those respective races, Sanders has maintained a strong following among young progressives and leftist populists.

His current focus is ensuring Biden’s reelection, even as he acknowledges the validity of concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Sanders’s call for transparency is particularly notable given his past accusations of the Democratic primary process being rigged against him in 2016.

He had accused Clinton of manipulating the Democratic National Committee through a joint fundraising agreement that gave her control over critical DNC funds.

Today, Sanders is urging Biden to focus on the issues that matter to voters, arguing that the election ultimately hinges on policy rather than personality.

“You are voting for somebody on policy,” he asserted. “Who is going to improve your life?”

Sanders expressed concern about Biden’s ability to clearly articulate the policy differences between Democrats and former President Donald Trump, particularly on issues like the environment and Social Security.

“The problem is, the president has not gotten out and contrasted his point of view representing working people with the Republicans,” Sanders said.

However, Sanders remains optimistic that if Biden can effectively communicate these distinctions, he will succeed in the upcoming election. “I think Biden’s going to do just fine,” he concluded.

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