Democrat switches party and goes off on Joe Biden in stunning statement

The Democrat Party is facing a reckoning. Their members are leaving en masse.

And this Democrat left the party and went off on Joe Biden in a stunning statement.

Politicians leaving the Democrat party is becoming more and more common as the months go by.

Former House Representative from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, made her announcement that she was leaving the Democrat party for good in October of last year.

She shared a video on the internet where she explained why she was leaving the Democrat party, accusing them of being warmongering elites.

Then Kyrsten Sinema, a sitting U.S. Senator, announced that she would be leaving the Democrat party to become independent.

Reports have also noted that Sinema has been extremely critical of Democrats and aligning herself with more centrist to conservative minded people as of late.

While extremely important, neither of those women changing their party affiliation dramatically changed the political outcome in Washington, D.C. exactly.

Gabbard was already out of office, and Sinema still caucuses with the Democrats.

But a Democrat just changed their party affiliation to Republican and it’s actually a huge deal because of the impact it will have.

North Carolina State Representative, Tricia Cotham, recently announced that she would be leaving the Democrat party for good and switching to become a Republican state legislator.

“I have decided to change my party affiliation, joining the Republican Party, and have been welcomed with open arms,” Cotham said.

She accused the Democrats of “villainizing” free thinkers and anyone trying to work for the better of North Carolina.

“The party wants to villainize anyone who has free thought, free judgment, has solutions, who
wants to get to work to better our state,” Cotham added.

What makes her switch so incredibly important, is the fact that she gives Republicans in the North Carolina House a veto-proof majority in the state.

So, theoretically, should their Democrat Governor Roy Cooper veto legislation that Republicans in the state legislature passed, the Republicans would have enough votes on their own to override the veto.

The Democrats in the state, of course, started panicking and trying to play damage control at the same time.

The Governor said that Cotham switching to become Republican was “disappointing” but that it didn’t really change much in his opinion.

On the other hand, the North Carolina Democrat Party Chair, Anderson Clayton, said that Cotham switching was “deceit of the highest order” and added that she should resign.

Obviously the Democrats are stinging a little bit from Cotham’s decision.

But this is the bed the Democrats have made and they must lie down in it. The Democrat party has become way more radical than the average American can stomach, so politicians changing their affiliation is to be expected.

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