Democrats are scrambling to stop you from seeing this embarrassing video

Rep. Justin Pearson

In the age of the internet, everything is forever. One major Democrat learned this the hard way.

And Democrats are scrambling to stop you from seeing this embarrassing video.

Just last week, Tennessee made national headlines when Republicans in the State Legislature voted to remove two Democrat legislators from their ranks.

Rep. Justin Pearson was expelled last week after disrupting a session of the Tennessee House earlier this month by leading gun control protesters in chants from the House floor with a bullhorn.

He was expelled by a vote of 69-26 while fellow Democrat Rep. Justin Jones was ousted by a vote of 72-25.

Democrat Rep. Gloria Johnson escaped expulsion from the legislative body by just one vote.

With Johnson being a white woman and Pearson and Jones being black men, many on the Left immediately pulled the race card.

However, Johnson’s actions were merely found to be less egregious than the blatant disregard for legislative norms that Pearson and Jones displayed.

During the expulsion process, Pearson gave a lengthy speech in which he compared himself to Jesus Christ and spoke in an affected voice.

Now footage from his college days is showing just how contrived his entire persona truly is.

Expelled Tennessee state Rep. Justin Pearson was filmed in college, advocating a moderate brand of politics without the harsh vocabulary and dramatic, preacher-like delivery that the Memphis politician has used since he departed from the statehouse.

Pearson ran for student body president at Bowdoin College in Maine in 2016 on a platform of bringing the “radical middle” together, a far cry from his recent approach of bringing a “subversive” agenda to the Tennessee General Assembly and leading chants from the state House floor.

“How can we represent all voices in a conversation? I want to do this by partnering with organizations from the Bowdoin Democrats to the Bowdoin Republicans. I want to bring together different voices, dissenting voices, voices that may be more liberal or more conservative in order that we can reach a point of sort of the radical middle where conversation and dialogue happens and growth happens,” Pearson said in a campaign video.

He went on to say that only by “understanding” each other could tensions be addressed.

He delivered an Easter sermon at Memphis’ First Unitarian Church.

“We spoke out against the empire of the NRA and the gun lobbyists because we demanded an end to gun violence,” Pearson told the unitarian universalist congregation. “This has been a Holy Week. This has been a sacred week. The lesson from it is that resurrection is a promised prophecy to a persecuted people.”

Pearson and Jones have both captured the attention of the media by portraying themselves as modern-day civil rights campaigners. Pearson stated during his inauguration that he planned to pursue an agenda that was “subversive to the status quo,” adding that “white supremacy,” “homophobia,” “misogyny,” and “racism” all needed to be demolished.

Critics noted the striking contrast in tone from Pearson, who has advocated for more gun regulation in the aftermath of a shooting at a Christian school in Nashville.

“Amazing how Justin Pearson learned that crazy fake southern preacher accent just a few years after his Brooks Brothers prep school days at Bowdoin: he’s like the Hilaria Baldwin of Al Sharpton clones,” one Twitter user said.

Pearson has been reappointed to his seat by the Shelby County Commissioners.

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