Democrats sound the alarm after Donald Trump exposes Joe Biden’s secret strategy

donald trump

Trump and Biden are poised for a rematch in 2024. They’re trying to gain every advantage possible over one another.

And Democrats sound the alarm after Donald Trump exposes Joe Biden’s secret strategy.

President Biden will be 81 years old this month.

His age clearly shows as it’s nearly impossible for him to not become confused or make a gaffe when appearing in public.

And former President Donald Trump believes he knows how Biden’s team is preparing him to not look so inept all of the time, specifically when he speaks with reporters.

“Biden calls on a specific reporter, gets a question, then reads the answer off a card,” Trump said in a post to Truth Social.

“In other words, he knows the question, then reads the answer. What is going on here.”

Even though Trump just recently pointed this out, it’s not the first time someone has noticed Biden using pre-written answers for press conferences.

Back in April, the president was caught with notes that showed the names of reporters to call on as well as the questions they were going to ask.

The picture of Biden’s cheat sheet showed that Courtney Subramanian, a Los Angeles Times reporter, would be the first question he would take.

The sheet even gave Biden a guide in how to pronounce her name.

The question was written on the cheat sheet and said, “How are YOU squaring YOUR domestic priorities – like reshoring semiconductors manufacturing – with alliance-based foreign policy?”

Biden ended up calling on Subramanian first and the question was worded a little differently but was still mostly the same.

The president was also seen carrying a similar cheat sheet in 2021 and 2022 for press conferences.

Not only did the piece of paper tell Biden who the reporters were, but it also gave him instructions on how to enter the room, sit down in his chair, and depart the room.

This explains why Biden’s handlers want to desperately keep him away from unscripted interactions with the press and the public.

Anytime he goes off script, it reminds the American people just how unfit he is to serve as commander-in-chief.

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