DHS Secretary Mayorkas was smacked this career-ending news from Congress

Secretary Mayorkas

Mayorkas has completely failed at the southern border. It’s time for him to face the music.

And DHS Secretary Mayorkas was smacked this career-ending news from Congress.

Take a look at the southern border. Thousands upon thousands are coming across every single day.

Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office, and that’s just the ones we know of.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas has championed immigration as the lifeblood of America instead of addressing the issue head-on.

And House Republicans are going to put an end to his shenanigans.

The House Homeland Security Committee will host a hearing next week to officially open an investigation into DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ alleged “dereliction of duty” in handling the continuing border crisis.

The hearing, titled “Open Borders, Closed Case: Secretary Mayorkas’ Dereliction of Duty on the Border Crisis,” is scheduled for Wednesday and will feature testimony from former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, and former acting US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Joe Edlow.

The committee has established a rigorous oversight timeline for the Biden administration’s handling of the migrant crisis, which has reached unprecedented proportions under its watch.

In March, the committee held a shocking field hearing in which Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz described a situation in which officers were overwhelmed in many areas and the border was not under operational control. Later, DHS stated that the operational control definition considered was one in which all illegal entry are stopped – something that no administration has accomplished.

Since then, the committee has played a key role in developing a border and immigration package that passed the House in May but has yet to be taken up by the Senate.

Now, Chairman Mark Green tells Fox News Digital that now that the legislation has been enacted, a probe into Mayorkas’ behavior is possible.

“We passed the legislation, and now we’re gearing up to hold Mayorkas accountable. That’s essentially what starts next Wednesday. And it’s going to be a process of basically investigating, looking at the facts of the decisions that have been made by this secretary and how it’s impacted the American people,” he said.

A number of Republicans, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have suggested impeaching Mayorkas, with some even filing articles of impeachment against the DHS secretary. But, according to Green, the committee isn’t there yet.

“My mission as the chairman of [the committee] is ‘get to the facts.’ So we’re not talking about that. We’re not using that word. Every single thing we’re going to look at, every rock we’re going to look under is to find the facts,” he said.

“And the facts, I think, are going to show that he has disregarded the laws passed by Congress, subverted those laws, been dishonest to Congress and the American people, among many, many other things. And we’re just going to get to the bottom of all that.”

Green is skeptical of the administration’s numbers, noting that they are compared to a historic spike of 10,000 migrants per day seen a few days before the end of Title 42, and arguing that there has been a lack of transparency from the administration on specific numbers that his committee has requested.

“It’s a shell game, and we’re going to get to the bottom of that in this investigation, too,” he said.

He also denied that the administration was striving to protect the border.

“What Alejandro Mayorkas has done has created an open border. And that open border was intentional. And unfortunately, the cartels have seized that opportunity, made billions of dollars on human trafficking, and they’ve also sent fentanyl into the United States in record numbers, killing Americans,” he said.

“So I think I have a duty to find out the answers about why and how. And I need to inform the American people of just exactly the failure that this secretary has been,” he added.

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