Donald Trump announced a new plan that will destroy Biden’s legacy

donald trump

Trump and Biden are bitter rivals. But that rivalry is about to heat up after what Trump just did.

That’s because former President Donald Trump announced a new plan that will destroy Biden’s legacy.

The Biden Border Crisis at the United States’ southern border, is a catastrophe.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are marching their way through the border without any resistance.

Joe Biden and his appointed Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, seem to not have a care in the world when it comes to this crisis.

Donald Trump, however, intends to stop the madness if he’s elected to a second term.

“I will immediately terminate every open borders policy of the Biden administration and follow the Dwight D. Eisenhower model,” Trump said.

“We’ll carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”

Trump also mentioned that he would put the Alien Enemies Act into place to get rid of dangerous criminals who illegally made their way into the country.

“We took them out by the thousands, thousands and thousands of people we took out, and then the election got rigged,” Donald Trump said of the criminals he was able to deport during his first term as President.

But the former President didn’t stop there.

He even made calls to Congress to consider putting America first by prohibiting taxpayer dollars from funding housing for illegal aliens.

“I’m calling on congressional Republicans to ban Joe Biden from using a single taxpayer dollar to release or resettle illegal aliens into the United States, effective September 30,” said Trump.

Not only that, but Donald Trump also doubled down on his travel ban that he put in place during his first four years as president.

“I will bring back the travel ban and expand it even further to keep Radical Islamic Terrorists out of our country. I will also use existing federal law to deny entry to all communists and Marxists to the United States.”

“Those who join our country must love our country – and we are going to keep foreign Christian-hating communists, Marxists, and socialists the hell out of America.”

Joe Biden’s stance on open borders is an unpopular one that’s hurting his approval ratings, even among Democrats.

If Trump were to win in 2024, he would completely destroy Biden’s radical immigration policy.

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