Donald Trump just delivered Biden a knockout blow that he won’t recover from

donald trump

Trump and President Biden have traded blows in the past. But the former President may have gotten the last laugh.

And Donald Trump just delivered Biden a knockout blow that he won’t recover from.

President Biden’s foreign policy has been a disaster.

Between gifting money to Iran, to the botched withdrawal out of Afghanistan, Joe Biden and his administration have been a failure on the international scale.

And unsurprisingly, former President Donald Trump has been quick to point out these failures.

In a reference to the Israel-Hamas war, Trump told attendees at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, that, “It was Joe Biden with his weakness and what he did with Iran and others that caused the attack on Israel.”

“Four days ago, crooked Joe Biden gave one of the most dangerous and deluded speeches ever delivered from the Oval Office. It was [a] disaster. Crooked Joe went before the American people and said that if you want to support Israel, then you have to give a blank check for the proxy war also in Ukraine, having to do with Russia and Ukraine.”

Trump continued in his bashing of Biden, saying, “Joe Biden’s speech was a grotesque betrayal of Israel and a confused mess of neocon warmongering and American-last lunacy. Pushing conflict abroad and distracting from his many disasters at home.”

The former president didn’t stick to just insults about Biden’s poor foreign policy however.

He even mentioned how President Biden “can’t even walk up the children’s stairs on Air Force One.” This was in reference to how Joe Biden now has to climb up a smaller set of stairs on Air Force One due to the 80-year-old being a tripping hazard.

Donald Trump also went on to tell rally attendees that setting sanctions in place for Iran and bringing back a travel ban on certain Muslim countries would be a part of his strong America-first foreign policy plan.

“I will immediately reinstate all sanctions on the murderous Iranian regime. We have to do that until we have a deal,” Trump said.

“If you will not enforce sanctions against Iran, then you do not stand with Israel. It’s that simple.”

And even though the United States isn’t bombarded with missile fire from other countries like Israel is, that didn’t stop Trump from suggesting the country build an Iron Dome to protect itself from possible missiles.

“Americans deserve an Iron Dome, and that’s what we’re going to have. We’re going to have an Iron Dome around our country.”

Fortunately for Joe Biden, he wasn’t the only Democrat Donald Trump took a shot at. Former First Lady and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton also got caught up in the mix.

“I was the first president in decades who didn’t start a war. Remember Hillary [Clinton] said: ‘He will start a war.’…No, my personality kept us out of war,” former President Trump exclaimed.

Regardless of your thoughts on Donald Trump, his America-first foreign policy resulted in far less conflicts than what the country is dealing with now under the Biden administration.

Maybe it’s time Joe Biden looks in the mirror and realizes his poor leadership has been the reason for so much turmoil we’re witnessing.

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