FBI Director Christopher Wray just made the most psychotic statement in Congress

chris wray

The FBI under Joe Biden’s administration has become unhinged. They’re waging a war on the American public.

And now FBI Director Christopher Wray has made the most psychotic statement before all of Congress.

A few months ago, it was discovered that the FBI had a memo circulating that had directed the agency and its employees to target Christians who protest local school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

Parents from all backgrounds and all across the country have been raising hell at local school board meetings because of the awful and truly despicable things they’ve found that their students are being taught.

Americans have had enough of the LGBT indoctrination that many say takes place in public schools these days and they are putting an end to it.

The FBI, apparently, didn’t like this one bit. Someone in the FBI drafted up a memo for the agency to label these protesting Christians “violent white supremacists.” The memo implies that those who are “typically characterized by the rejection of the Second Vatican Council” are likely to be white supremacists.

Of course, the FBI quickly retracted this memo and tried to claim that it wasn’t a document that was actually being applied to all of the FBI, whatever that means.

But it seems that’s not entirely true by the admission of the FBI director, Christopher Wray, himself in the latest testimony before Congress.

Christopher Wray was asked point blank if he believes that the Biden admin Attorney General, Merrick Garland, should apologize to the parents who were unfairly targeted by the DOJ for protesting at school boards.

Wray simply said he wasn’t going to respond to that questioning at all, which is not a great look.

“Do you believe that the attorney general should apologize to parents for the subject of that memo?” Representative Kevin Kiley asked of Director Wray.

“I’m not going to speak to that,” Wray pridefully responded.

“Will you apologize for the FBI’s own role?” Kiley quickly asked Wray in return.

“I think the FBI conducted itself the way it should here, which we’ve considered and continue to follow long-standing rules that have not changed anything in response to that memo,” Wray shockingly responded.

The FBI Director also tried to claim that they didn’t investigate anyone for “exercising their First Amendment rights,” when questioned about why parents would be labeled domestic terrorists for simply speaking out at school boards and criticizing their government.

Another House Representative, Laurel Lee (R-FL), asked Wray about the so-called “threat tags” that were being placed on the parents protesting at school boards and exercising their First Amendment rights.

Wray’s answer was odd, to say the least. He acknowledged that the tag is real but that it’s not an “investigative tool.” He did say that it is an “administrative function.”

“Uh, yes, but I think it’s important for people to understand what a threat tag is and is not. It is not what we base investigations on. It is not an investigative tool. It’s an administrative function in our system,” Wray said.

This was not a good look for Christopher Wray and the Biden administration at all. Their signals are crossed and it just seems like they are lying through their teeth in the view of the average American.

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated on any updates in this story involving the FBI’s targeting of Christian parents.