Fox News was just exposed for this Democrat infiltration

Matt Walsh

Ever since kicking Tucker Carlson to the curb, many have wondered what direction Fox will take. Now there’s no room for doubt.

And Fox News was just exposed for this Democrat infiltration.

As the leader in cable news, Fox News kept conservatives informed on the most important issues for decades.

For years, they spurned mainstream media calls to censor themselves and have been the butt of the joke of Democrat politicians for years.

But they had a sudden about-face when they fired Tucker Carlson, and Dan Bongino left the network.

Now we’re learning why.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh uncovered internal documents from Fox News workers revealing that Fox Corporation pushes employees to support radical LGBTQ organizations and has deployed “woke AI” that tracks people’s loyalty to DEI beliefs.

Walsh posted a screenshot of a Fox employee site in which the business urges employees to donate to the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Fox also encourages staff to read explicit LGBTQ publications, such as one that describes a “glory hole” in detail and another that depicts explicit interactions involving two gay characters.

“Do the executives and owners just not know what’s happening in their company?” Walsh inquired. “Are they trying to comply with some onerous New York State Law? Do they not care? Do they actually support this nonsense? Fox News’ audience deserves to know.”

The Fox employee portal directs employees to the Trevor Project, a group that, according to Walsh, hosts an “explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with ‘LGBT’ adults.”

The Ali Forney Center advocates for injecting children with transgender hormones, and Fox applauds the organization for assisting “homeless LGBT youth.”

The Los Angeles LGBT Center, which broadcast a video of a mother “surprising” her “trans daughter” with her first dosage of hormones, is also praised by the media outlet. While YouTube removed the video due to terms of service violations, a snapshot of the video can still be found on Twitter, according to Walsh.

Walsh went on to say that Fox’s LGBTQ push isn’t limited to adults, adding that Fox “also suggested a pride rainbow-filled kid’s book with a character who comes out as a unicorn, presumably symbolizing coming out as gay or transgender.”

Walsh claimed that many Fox employees are opposed to the company’s acceptance of leftist views, but leadership has implemented an AI tool that monitors personnel. Fox executives encouraged staff to join up for Eskalera, an artificial intelligence platform that lets people “engage in activities that will deepen” their “understanding of identity” and “explore more nuanced D&I concepts.”

“Eskalera says it pulls in data from various sources, including the email and payroll systems. It generates a ‘peer comfort index’ and a ‘diversity index,’ based in part on how often employees ‘practice micro-affirmations,’” Walsh said.

The Daily Wire anchor questioned how a conservative news organization could allow LGBTQ and DEI beliefs to take over.

“Maybe Fox leadership isn’t concerned with how the audience feels because they’re not really beholden to those viewers at all. Like YouTube, some of Fox’s largest shareholders are enormous institutional investors, [BlackRock] and [Vanguard],” Walsh said.

“These massive funds consolidate the wealth of millions of Americans, and then use their combined voting power to pursue a radical agenda most of those Americans oppose. They are Fox’s real customers. And they’re getting exactly what they want.”

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