In a shocking interview, this former Trump attorney betrayed Donald Trump

The raid on Mar-a-Lago by the FBI and DOJ has dominated press coverage. During all of this, Donald Trump is determining who his genuine allies are.

And in this disturbing interview, this former Trump attorney essentially sold Donald Trump out.

Bill Barr, the former attorney general for Donald Trump, and the former President had a troubled history together.

He has occasionally been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters.

And other times, he has sided with Deep State actors who are only interested in seeing Trump imprisoned.

With Bill Barr, there is almost no in-between.

Therefore, everyone was paying attention when Barr appeared on Fox News to discuss his most recent thoughts regarding the FBI-DOJ and Trump scandal.

And Trump undoubtedly did not enjoy what he heard.

Barr would appear on Fox News to argue that the government should appeal to the special master that Donald Trump has been given and that it should never have been offered.

He also seemed to agree that Donald Trump was reportedly “obstructing” the FBI and DOJ in their probe.

Barr began by stating that “The opinion, I think, was wrong, and I think the government should appeal it. It’s deeply flawed in a number of ways. I don’t think the appointment of a special master is going to hold up, but even if it does, I don’t see it fundamentally changing the trajectory.”

“But I think that the fundamental dynamics of the case are said, which is the government has very strong evidence of what it really needs to determine whether charges are appropriate, which is government tax documents were taken, classified information was taken and not handled appropriately,” Barr continued.

Bill Barr has once more decided, for whatever reason, to join the Deep State and the radical Leftists who want to imprison Trump and keep him away from the White House forever.

Despite his assurances to the contrary, he is anything from a conservative.

Trump deserved a special master, according to the federal court who offered one to his legal team since he has the same rights as any other citizen.

She said that given the high-profile nature of the case, his case needed to be handled with much more caution.

Bill Barr in particular ought to be aware of that.

He probably does, too.

But it appears that he is abandoning Trump in order to somehow be “on the rightside of history”

In actuality, neither the FBI nor the DOJ have accused Trump of any crimes.

The Deep State and the D.C. Swamp may end up using this as yet another failed non story to derail Donald Trump’s presidency.

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