James Comer shares a truth about Donald Trump that no one wants to talk about

james comer

The future of America could rest on what happens in the Trump indictment trials. But there’s something at play you may not know about.

And James Comer has shared a fact about Donald Trump that no one wants to talk about.

The latest indictment of ex-President Donald Trump has been criticized by Republicans like Kentucky’s Rep. James Comer, who called it a “sad day for the rule of law.”

The head of the House Oversight Committee claimed on Fox News that the indictment was meant to derail his panel’s probe into possible misconduct by President Joe Biden and his immediate family. Comer said he was sure Americans could “see through” the Democrats’ scheme.

“I think the American people see what’s going on, whether or not this is a weaponized Department of Justice trying to divert attention away from Biden corruption or whether or not they’re trying to take out their chief top political opponent in the upcoming election,” he stated.

“The American people see through this, and this is a sad day for the rule of law, and it’s a sad day for the justice system in America.”

Comer says he keeps a close eye on both investigations and thinks there is more evidence implicating Biden in corruption than Trump, calling statements to the contrary “preposterous.”

Comer predicted that Trump would benefit from each future indictment: “I think the American people see through this, and I think that every time Donald Trump gets indicted from this point on, he’s gonna see a bump in the polls, he’s gonna see an increase in fundraising.”

“And I think what Jack Smith is doing is having unintended consequences for what their ultimate goal is, and that’s to take Donald Trump out.”

He joked that given the evidence, the indictment should be directed at Biden rather than Trump and that it read like it had been plagiarized from the work of the Oversight Committee.

“The damage that Joe Biden has done to our system of government is irreparable, and Americans have no confidence in the Department of Justice. They have no confidence in the FBI. They’re losing confidence every day in the entire government,” he added.

“All that Joe Biden is doing every day and Merrick Garland every day is making a bad situation worse. They don’t care. They just want to win; they want to have self-preservation. That’s the ultimate goal for the deep state bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., and that’s self-preservation, and Donald Trump stands in the way of their self-preservation,” he explained.

The Kentucky Representative highlighted the point that many on the Left are missing so far.

Donald Trump was in a dead heat with Ron DeSantis in the polls before his home in Mar-a-Lago was raided in what many believe was an unconstitutional raid.

That started to pull Trump to the forefront of the national Republican support polls.

Then Trump was indicted in March this year and that started to cement how successful Trump would become in the polls.

His fundraising is through the roof, as Comer points out, and his campaign is doing better than ever.

That is all largely due to the fact that the Democrats are making a huge mistake in trying to make Donald Trump out to be this insurrectionist boogieman that he isn’t.

And as the American people see through it, they are only going to want to support him more to prevent the Deep State pigs from winning in 2024.

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