Joe Biden fell ill when the CIA warned him about this Chinese invasion

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Many believe a major world war is right around the corner. China could be planning it right now.

And Joe Biden fell ill when the CIA warned him about this Chinese invasion.

There’s no ignoring the fact that China has become more emboldened over the past few years as the communist regime’s rhetoric has grown more and more serious.

The concern that China is trying to become the most powerful nation in the world through its communistic views on labor and the global economy is nothing new.

This is why President Donald Trump made countering the growing Chinese dominance in the world economy a major point of work during his first term in office.

But the latest concerns surrounding China extend beyond just the economy and its export dominance.

Now there’s the worry that China could invade Taiwan any day now as China has been strengthening its rhetoric that they are the rightful “owners” of the land of Taiwan and that Taiwan is not an independent state.

It hasn’t helped that the White House under Joe Biden’s direction has waffled on whether they would defend Taiwan in the event that China was to invade Taiwan.

According to the latest reports, China may even be in the planning stages of an invasion of Taiwan after increasing its military budget.

These reports reached the White House from CIA intel.

News Nation reports:

New warnings from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are fueling fears that China is preparing to launch an invasion of Taiwan.

China announced on Sunday it’s boosting its military budget by 7.2% for the coming year, up slightly from last year’s 7.1% rate of increase.

Lawyer and expert in Chinese affairs, Gordon Chang, has recently said that China increasing its military presence is eerily similar to the way the Japanese acted in the 1930s just before the start of the Second World War.

“This shows that the Chinese military, like the Japanese military in the 1930s, is taking over the political system. We know what happened in the 1930s. This is not a good story for East Asia or even for the rest of the world,” Chang said.

Chang says that one foreign policy mistake or misstep could “lead to war right away”, even as soon as this year.

“It’s the possibility of an accident. We know that the Chinese are engaged in very dangerous intercepts in the air and also on the sea in the South China Sea and in the East China Sea. That could lead to war right away, so let’s forget about 2027. Let’s talk about 2023,” Chang said.

Donald Trump’s former security advisor, Matthew Pottinger has said that it’s important to keep in mind that China is still extremely concerned about propagandizing their citizens and keeping them down from resistance.

“Well, I think one useful statistic to keep in mind is that China is spending more on its military than the rest of Asia combined. And yet, that number is still smaller than the amount of money that Xi Jinping is spending on his domestic security apparatus to surveil and oppress his own people. So, it really is fear of his own people,” Pottinger said.

It’s important to keep in mind that virtually all “successful” dictators and authoritarians started with getting their citizens “in line” and keeping it that way. Just consider how the Nazis took away the weapons of their citizens so that no one could resist the horrors of their state government.

The real concern with China is that they are turning their eyes more towards building their military presence which seems to indicate they could be ready to take on wars with foreign nations.

Joe Biden has been largely quiet about Chinese aggression and continued silence could be viewed by China as a green light to launch their attacks.

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