Joe Biden is caught telling a lie that could sink his presidency

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Biden has an inability to tell the truth. His lies may be coming back to haunt him.

And Joe Biden is caught telling a lie that could sink his presidency.

President Joe Biden is going to be 81 years old later this month.

Whenever he gets up to speak at a public event, his age definitely shows.

This was the case on Monday, when Biden spoke at an event in Delaware to highlight commuting via train.

The president ended up telling a story about an interaction he had with an Amtrack conductor twice that day. Once to pool reporters, and another on stage to the crowd at the rail event.

The story has now been told by Biden at least twelve times over the years, and it’s been verified as false by fact-checkers.

This time when President Biden told the story, he added made-up parts to it that made it even more false.

“When I was vice president, I flew over a million miles on Air Force Two, but I traveled further than that on Amtrack over the years,” he said, beginning the story.

“I was coming home to see my mom, and I just – she was living at this time, my dad had passed away. And I got on the train on a Friday, and I won’t get him [the Amtrack conductor] into complete trouble, I’ll just tell you his first name, but I’ll just tell you his first name. He was No. 2 in seniority at the time, Angelo.”

“And Ang came up to me as I was walking, and he said, ‘Joey!’ and he grabbed my cheek, and he said, ‘Joey, Baby!’ They had just published in the newspaper that I have traveled 1,200,000 miles on Air Force planes as vice president, they published that on a regular basis,” Biden continued.

“He said ‘Big…’ – I won’t quote him exactly – but he said, ‘Big Deal, Joey!’ And I said, ‘What’s it mean, Ang?’ And he said…’you know how many miles you traveled on Amtrack?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘A million…[and] 320,000 miles.’ And I said, ‘How do you figure that?’ And he said, ‘Well, 180 days a year, almost 300 miles a day, 36 years.”‘

The president’s story was given a “False” rating back in 2021 by Daniel Dale, a journalist for CNN’s “Facts First” database.

Dale said that Biden didn’t hit one million miles on Air Force Two until September of 2015 which was 22 years after the Amtrack conductor Angelo Negri retired in 1993. Negri also passed away in May of 2014 which was a year before Biden’s travel milestone on Air Force Two.

This is yet another example of Joe Biden going off the rails whenever he enters the public sphere.

And it’s why so many voters think he’s too old for a second term as commander-in-chief.

A recent New York Times poll verifies that fact, after it found that 71% of voters in swing states believe that President Biden is too old for another four years in office.

And this isn’t the first time he’s lied when telling a story.

In 1987, Joe Biden had to suspend his presidential campaign after it was discovered he plagiarized his speeches and an academic paper.

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