Joe Biden is going to pass out when he gets these test results back

Joe Biden

Simply put, Americans are concerned about Joe Biden’s fit for office and the near-future of the nation. Now we know those concerns were not misplaced.

Because Joe Biden just might pass out when he gets these test results back.

The price of a Christmas supper has increased dramatically this year, according to a recent research, which comes as many Americans want to complete their holiday shopping in advance.

American consumers will spend an average of $60.29 on their Christmas dinner this year, according to data gathered from major retailers and evaluated by Datasembly.

According to Fox Business, which broke the news of Datasembly’s results first, this is roughly 16.4% more than it was at last year.

Datasembly examined 13 particular products that are frequently utilized in a Christmas lunch using pricing information from four large shops, including Albertsons, Kroger, Target, and Walmart.

The 13 products included, according to Fox, stuffing mix, corn, green beans, frozen apple pie, whipped topping, butter, cranberry sauce, bone-in spiral-cut ham, eggnog, homestyle biscuits, russet potatoes, white frozen young turkey, and homestyle roasted turkey gravy.

Russet potatoes, butter, and biscuits saw the biggest price increases, according to Datasembly’s analysis of the variations in price between one year and the next for each of the products.

Butter increased by 38%, russet potatoes by 32.6%, and biscuits by 47.7%.

The smallest rise, 6.3%, was seen in frozen turkey. This is still higher than last year even though it is a little bit lower than it was around Thanksgiving when it was up 11%. The spiral ham with bone came in second with 7.7%.

According to Newsweek, some people have begun charging family and friends for a place at the Christmas dinner table as a result of the high expenditures.

According to recent study, consumers intend to get together more frequently this Christmas season, with an average of 10 people attending each gathering. According to Mike Simone, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s executive director of market research and intelligence, this is two more persons than the average holiday gathering size from the previous year, and the participation of extended family has nearly doubled since 2020.

42 percent of customers are concerned about food prices this year since there are more mouths to feed, according to Simone. “The rising cost of a Christmas meal may influence consumers to choose more cost-effective, per-person meals,” says the study.

Like last year, polls reveal that the majority of Americans continue to hold President Joe Biden responsible for inflation-related price increases.

61 percent of the 1,500 respondents surveyed in an October poll commissioned by Newsweek and conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies said they thought Biden and his policies were “significantly” or “fairly” to blame for inflation.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, Texas Republican Rep. Mayra Flores said that Biden is “the Grinch in Disguise This Christmas.”

In a new “12 Days of Christmas” video series, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has been presenting the “gifts” the Biden administration has given Americans this year, including “43% more expensive airline fares” and “costly Christmas trees,” which he claimed were up 20%.

As of November, inflation was at 7.1 percent, which is still higher than it has been in decades but much lower than the 9.1 percent record it reached in June.

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